Wanna play Audible Audiobooks on Windows Media Player on your PC? Looking for a way to burn Audible audiobooks to CDs in WMP? This article introduced 2 methods to download and import Audible files to Windows Media Player. Check it out!

“How do I play Audible files on my PC? I download some purchased audiobooks from They are store in (Format 4).aa. I wonder if it is possible to import Audible Audiobooks to Windows Media Player. Thanks.”

Do you like listening to audiobooks in your free time? Amazon Audible is the biggest audiobooks streaming platform and online audiobooks store. With an Audible account, you can get free Audible audiobooks and purchase your interested audiobooks. Besides, you can download your purchased audiobooks from or Audible app, and listen to them without internet. Hereby, if you would like to play Audible on Windows Media Player, it will be a little tricky. Fortunately, things change when you come here. In this article, we will teach you how to download and play Audible files on Windows Media Player in 2 ways.


Method 1. Download Audible Audiobooks to Windows Media Player Directly

Generally, Windows Media Player supports to play local audio files. But all downloaded Audible audiobooks are DRM-protected AA or AAX files, more like the cache. To play Audible files on Windows Media Player, you need the assistant of Audible Download Manager. Here’s how to download and import Audible Files to Windows Media Player.

Step 1. First, download and install Audible Download Manager on your computer.

Step 2. Launch the Audible Download Manager, and click “General Settings”. Tick the checkbox of Windows Media Player option, and click “Save Settings”.

audible download manager

Step 3. Click “Options” from the menu, and choose “Import Audible Titles..” option, and then check off Import into Windows Media Player Library.

download audible files to wmp

Step 4. Now open on the browser, sign in with your Audible account, go to “My Library” and download your Audible audiobooks.

Step 5. After that, all your downloaded Audible files will be imported into the Windows Media Player automatically.

Note: Make sure that the folder location is correct.

For Windows 7/8/Vista, it should be \Users\Public\Documents\Audible\Downloads.

For Windows XP, it should be \Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Audible\Downloads.

Method 2. Import and Play Any Audible Audiobooks on Windows Media Player

It is easy to download and import Audible files to Windows Media Player 11. But it is not the case on Windows Media Player 12. You cannot import and play Audible files on Windows Media Player 12. Moreover, if you forgot your Audible account and password, the aforementioned method is not available. So next, you will learn another simple method to add Audible AA/AAX Audiobooks to Windows Media Player for playback, 100% working!

Due to Audible DRM protection, you are not authorized to play Audible outside Audible app and iTunes. Here TunesBank Audible Converter comes into handy. TunesBank Audible Converter is a one-stop tool to help you crack Audible DRM and convert Audible files to MP3 to be compatible with any media player and device. It enables users to convert Audible from AA, AAX to unprotected MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV without touching any sound quality. Unlike other traditional Audible converter tools, it works independently and straightforwardly. It doesn’t require iTunes app and Audible account authorization.

What’s more, it allows you to divide a long-hour Audible audiobook into different parts by chapter or time. Another highlight is that it will keep the original ID3 tags, metadata and chapter info in output files. By converting Audible files to MP3, you can easily import and play Audible books on Windows Media Player, iTunes, QuickTime, VLC, MP3 player, Winamp, MediaMonkey, etc. Also, you could transfer and play Audible files on MP3 player, iPods, smartphone, USB drive, etc.

Key Features of TunesBank Audible Converter:

  • Remove DRM from Audible audiobooks.
  • Convert Audible books to MP3 at 100X speed.
  • Keep 100% original quality, ID3 tags and chapters.
  • Convert Audible AA/AAX to MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV.
  • Split Audible book by chapter, time, or segments averagely.
  • Requires no iTunes and Audible account authorization.
  • Easy to use, batch conversion, 100% lossless quality.
  • Play Audible on any media player and device without limit.

Guide: Convert Audible Files to MP3 for Playback on WMP

Follow these detailed guide to convert your Audible files to MP3 using TunesBank Audible Converter, and then you could play Audible Files with Windows Media Player without any limit.

Preparation Download Audible Files to Computer

First of all, go to download your purchased audiobooks to your computer.

download audible books to computer

Step 1 Download and Install TunesBank Audible Converter

Click the Download button above, get TunesBank Audible Converter downloaded on your Mac or PC. Follow the screen instruction to install the tool, and start the program.

launch program

Step 2 Import Downloaded Audible AA/AAX Files to TunesBank

You can add Audible files to the program by 2 ways. One is to click the “+” icon of the interface, then import your downloaded Audible AA/AAX files to the program manually. Another is to drag and drop the AA/AAX files to the TunesBank’s window.

add audible aax files to program

Step 3 Customize the Output Settings

Go to the menu bar, choose “Output Settings” option. In the pop-up window, pick the MP3 format and change the bitrate (up to 320kbps), sample rate as you like. You can also use the split function here.

select mp3 format

Step 4 Convert Audible Audiobooks to MP3

After you’ve verified all of the selections, simply press on the button of “Convert” to start the conversion.

convert audible files to mp3

When the conversion is finished, tap the “Completed” tab to view all converted Audible files. And you can play Audible through Windows Media Player directly!

play audible on windows media player

Apart from this, you can open Windows Media Player, create a new playlist to store your Audible audiobooks. Then drag and drop these converted Audible MP3 files to it.

Play Audible on Windows Media Player