Looking for a way to play Spotify on Amazon Fire TV? This guide is for you! Here, we will show you 3 methods on how to play Spotify music on Amazon Fire TV/Fire Stick. You can enjoy Spotify music on Fire TV via Spotify app, Spotify Connect and USB drive.

“I switched to Spotify from Amazon Music and started a free trial. Can I use Spotify on Amazon Fire TV? If I stop my Premium subscription after the free trial, I wonder if I can play Spotify on fire TV? Thanks.” — A user from Spotify community

Spotify is the top-leading streaming music service in the market. Many people would like to listen Spotify music on Amazon Fire TV for all the good reasons. Can you stream Spotify music on Fire TV? Yes! Amazon Fire TV supports various streaming apps like Amazon Music, Spotify, Netflix, NetFlix, Hulu, and many more. Here we will introduce 3 methods to play Spotify on Amazon Fire TV / Firestick. One is to stream Spotify music to Amazon Fire TV directly, another is to use Spotify Connect, the final method is to enjoy Spotify music on Amazon Fire TV via USB drive. In addition, you will get extra tips to fix Spotify not working on Fire Stick issue! Let’s go!

Part 1. Set Up and Stream Spotify on Amazon Fire TV / Firestick

You can use the new Spotify Fire TV app to stream your favourite music tracks with either Spotify Free or Premium account. The most important thing is to install the Spotify app on your Amazon Firestick TV. If you have a Spotify Premium account, you are authorized to download Spotify music on Fire TV to listen to offline. For Spotify Free users, you can only stream Spotify music with ads on Fire TV. Read on for the user guide!

What you need

  • An Amazon Fire TV
  • A stable WiFi network
  • A Spotify Premium subscription

How to Set Up Spotify on Amazon Fire TV?

The Amazon Music app comes preinstalled on Amazon Fire TV, while Spotify doesn’t. Here you can follow the simple steps to set up Spotify app on your Fire TV.

Step 1. First, turn on your Amazon Fire TV.

Step 2. Use the Home button on the remote control to enter the main menu.

Step 3. Search for the Spotify app, select ‘Get’ and to install the app.

How to Stream Spotify to Amazon Fire TV?

Step 1. Open the Spotify app on your Amazon Fire TV.

Step 2. Select ‘Login’ to sign in with your Spotify Free/Premium account to the Fire TV.

Step 3. Then you can play any Spotify song on Fire TV directly!

play Spotify on Fire TV

Part 2. Cast Spotify to Amazon Fire TV via Spotify Connect

For Spotify Premium subscribers, you may also use Spotify Connect to get Spotify on Fire TV. Spotify Connect allows you to stream music from your phone/tablet through an audio system over Wi-Fi. Make sure your Amazon Fire TV and device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 1. Open Spotify app on your iPhone or Android phone. Tap “YOUR LIBRARY” at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2. Hit on the Gear icon to open the SETTINGS window. Select “Devices”. and tap “DEVICES MENU”.

Spotify Connect

Step 3. Select “Amazon FireTV Stick”, tap “Amazon FireTV Stick Spotify Connect” in the interface.

connect Spotify to Amazon Fire TV

Step 4. Now you can play any Spotify song on your phone, and your TV will start playing Spotify music! (just like a Cast function.)

cast Spotify to Amazon Fire TV

By the way, you may ask Alexa to control the playback of Spotify on Firestick.

Part 3. Offline Play Spotify on Amazon Fire TV via USB HOT!

If you are a Spotify Free user, you cannot skip the annoying ads on Amazon Fire TV, and you can only stream Spotify music at low quality online. Want to enjoy Spotify Premium feature on your without upgrading to Premium? Can you keep playing Spotify offline on Fire TV after canceling Premium subscription?

As you know, most smart TVs come with a USB port. You can play your local music and video files on your Fire TV via USB stick. So how to transfer Spotify music to USB drive? Due to DRM, you cannot put Spotify OGG Vorbis cache files to USB drive or unsupported devices. Here a third-party Spotify music converter tool comes into rescue, named TunesBank Spotify Music Converter.

TunesBank Spotify Music Converter (Mac & Windows) gives you the ability to remove DRM and ads from Spotify music, and download Spotify music to your local computer without Premium. TunesBank has a built-in Spotify web player, which allows you to download any Spotify without using Spotify desktop app. Apart from this, it can convert Spotify songs & playlists to MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV with 100% original music quality and ID3 tags kept. So then you could transfer and save Spotify songs to USB drive for offline playback on Amazon Fire TV, Firestick, Samsung TV, Apple TV and more. Besides, you are able to copy Spotify music to SD card, MP3 player, smartphone, tablet, PSP, Xbox, etc. In this way, you can even fix Spotify not working on Firestick problem, as you don’t need to use Spotify app!

How to Convert Spotify Songs to MP3 for Playback on Fire TV?

Step 1. Launch TunesBank Spotify Music Converter
First, install and launch TunesBank Spotify Music Converter on your PC or Mac. Click “Open the Spotify web player” and login to your Spotify Free/Premium account.

launch Spotify Music Converter

Step 2. Add Spotify Songs/Playlists/Podcasts to TunesBank
You will enter the Spotify web browser and see your library. Open any song, playlist or podcast, then click the “+” icon in the right side.

Add Spotify Songs

Step 3. Adjust the Audio Parameters
Select “Output Setting” from the menu bar (at the top right corner). You can customize the output format, bit rate and sample rate. To get Spotify on Amazon Fire TV, please choose MP3 format for USB drive.

adjust output settings

Step 4. Start to Download and Convert Spotify Songs
Hit on “Convert” button, then TunesBank will start converting all selected Spotify songs to unprotected MP3 files, while removing the DRM and ads.

convert spotify songs to mp3

Once done, check for your converted Spotify music in the “Finished” section. Click “View Output File” to locate the output folder.

get mp3 music files

Step 5. Play Spotify Offline on Fire TV via USB
Now plug a USB drive into the USB port of your computer. Copy and paste the converted Spotify MP3 songs to the “Music” folder of USB drive. Once done, eject the USB drive from computer.

copy Spotify mp3 files to usb

Great, you can now play Spotify in the background offline. Just insert the USB drive to Amazon Fire TV, and then begin to listen to Spotify music on Fire TV!

Extra Tips: How to Fix Spotify Not Working on Firestick?

It’s easy to play Spotify music on fire stick. But how to fix it when Spotify is not working on fire stick? Don’t worry. Here are the ways to fix Spotify not working on a fire stick.

1. Unmute the Fire TV and speakers.
2. Update the Spotify app on your Fire Stick.
3. Check your Wi-Fi connection.
4. Turn off Airplane mode.
5. Restart your internet router and modem.
6. Update the Spotify mobile or computer app.
7. Restart your Fire Stick.
8. Turn your Fire Stick off and on again.
9. Reset your Fire Stick.
10. Uninstall and reinstall the Spotify app.

Play Spotify on Amazon Fire TV