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 Guide Tips

  • Part 1. Free Trial vs. Full Version
  • Part 2. Register TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader
  • Part 3. How to Download Amazon Prime Video to MP4/MKV
  • Part 4. Customize Output Parameters
  • Part 5. More Settings

Part 1. About TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader

TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader helps you get rid of Amazon Prime Video download limits and enjoy flexible playback everywhere. It enables you to download Amazon Prime Video movies and TV shows to HD MP4/MKV, so that you are able to offline watch them on any device and player!

TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader has a built-in Prime Video web player, you need to log in to your Amazon Prime account to access the content you want to download. It comes with a smart video search bar, you can directly enter video title to search any Prime movies and shows, or copy the Prime Video URL from browser and paste it into the search bar to directly search the Prime Video contents you desire download.

Free Trial vs. Full Version

TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader is a paid software available for Windows and Mac. It also offers a free trial for new users to test its performance before purchasing.

Free Trial: You have a 30-day free trial, but you can only download the first six minutes of each video.

Full Version: You can download multiple movies and TV shows from Amazon Prime to your computer without limits.

Part 2. Register TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader

Step 1. Download TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader

First of all, click the above download button to download TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader on your Mac or Windows.

Step 2. Install and Run TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader

Double-click the downloaded file and follow the instructions to complete the software installation.

Step 3. Register TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader

When you open the TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader, you'll see a Key icon at the upper right corner. If you purchased the full version of this tool, you will receive a registration code via email. Tap on the "Key" icon, and enter your registration code, then hit on "Register" to continue.

If you don't have a activation code, you can try the free trial to experience the full features, but it will expire after 30 days.

Part 3. How to Download Amazon Prime Video to MP4/MKV

Step 1. Run TunesBank and Log into Prime Video Account

Fire up TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader on computer. In order to downloading Amazon Prime Video with TunesBank, you need to log in to your Amazon account for accessing the video content that you want to download.

Step 2. Add Prime Video Movies/TV Shows

TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader offers two ways for you to add your desired movies and TV shows for downloading:

Way 1# You can copy the video link from Amazon Prime app or website, and paste it into TunesBank's search bar, then clicking "Search" button.

Way 2# Or, directly enter the title of the movie or the TV show to search. After entering the video name for searching, please wait for a while, and the program will automatically display relevant video content for you to download.

Step 3. Choose MP4 or MKV as Output Format

Click the "Gear" icon in the upper right corner to pop up the settings window. In this setting windows, you can customize the video formats - MP4 or MKV, video codec, audio language, subtitle language, output folder, etc.

Video format: MP4 or MKV

Video codec: H264 or H265

Audio language: English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese

Keep Audio description and Audio surround sound or not

Subtitle language: English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese

Subtitle type: Embeded subtitles, Independent subtitles, Hardcoded subtitles

Interface language: English, Deutsch, Español, Français, 日本語, 简体中文

Step 4. Start Downloading Prime Video Movies and Series to MP4/MKV

Click "Download" icon to start downloading your desired movies and TV shows, the program will helps you download Prime Video to computer and save them as MP4/MKV format.

For Movies Downloading: If you want to download movies from Amazon Prime Video, you can see each movies only have a single Download button.

For TV shows Downloading: If you want to download Prime Video TV series, you can see there is a separate Download button for each episode for you choose for downloading.

Customize Audio and subtitle languages: Before downloading, you can also click "Gear" icon to choose subtitles and audio tracks for each episode.

In the Settings option, it offers 6 different common audio tracks languages and subtitle languages for you to choose. Here you can choose any language from whatever the movie or TV show provides.

Step 5. Search and Add More Videos for Downloading(Options)

During Amazon video downloading process, TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader also allows you batch download movies and series at the same time, you can type the title of the movie or the TV show for searching, and then click the Download icon to add your desired Prime Video contents to the downloading list.

Step 6. View the Downloaded Movies and Shows

Once the downloading process completed, you can tap "History" tab to browse your downloaded Prime movies and TV shows.

If you don't like the video, you can click the "Trash" icon to delete it. To locate the outptut folder where your downloaded videos stored, please click the "Blue Folder" icon.

Step 7. Watch Downloaded Prime Videos Offline

You can watch these downloaded Prime videos using other media players, such as Windows Media Player, VLC, iTunes, QuickTime, etc.

Part 4. Customize Output Parameters

1. Set Output Video Format

You can use TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader to download Amazon Prime Video movies, TV, Originals, sports, Channels, as well as rentals/purchases to common MP4 or MKV format on your Mac or Windows computer.

2. Set Video Quality

To bring people a higher quality experience, TunesBank program offers three video quality options: high (780p, 1080p), middle (480p), low (360p).

3. Select Video Codec

Compared to H.264, the newer H.265 offers higher-quality video at lower bitrates. You can choose between H.264 and H.265 for Amazon video downloads.

4. Select Audio Language

To give you a better viewing experience, TunesBank allows you to choose audio track options in multiple language: English, Deutsch, Español, Français, 日本語, 简体中文. You can also select Audio description and 5.1 surround sound at the same time.

5. Select Subtitle Language

TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader also lets you save subtitles in multiple languages, such as English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese.

6. Subtitles Are Saved As:

You can save subtitles as Soft subtitles, External subtitles, or Hard subtitles.

7. Choose Country/Region

This user-friendly tool allows to choose to download Prime videos from different countries/regions:,,,uk,,

Part 5. More Settings

1. Change Output Folder

You can modify the output folder to store the downloaded Amazon videos as you prefer, you should set local folder of the computer.

2. Select Language

This Amazon Video Downloader offers six interface languages, including: English, Deutsch, Español, Français, 日本語, 简体中文. The default language is English, you can change to others as needed.

3. Setting Downloading Speed

TunesBank keeps improving users' downloading experiences, the downloading process will become very smooth. Here, you can setting the downloading speed from low to high. If your network is in good condition, generally, a movie can be downloaded in just 20 - 30 minutes, and a TV episode in just 10 minutes. In addition, multiple episodes of TV shows can be downloaded simultaneously, simply add your episodes to the download queue. All these features altogether guarantee the optimum downloading experience.

4. After Downloading

Once the download is complete, you can choose: None, open the output folder, or put the computer to sleep.

Apple Music Converter FAQs

  • 1. What's the difference between trial version and registered version?

    TunesBank Apple Music Converter is a paid software. The trial version only allows you to convert the first 3 minutes of each song within 30 days. The full version enables you to convert unlimited Apple Music songs with high quality. One-time payment, lifetime use, free upgrades.

  • 2. What are the system requirements of TunesBank Apple Music Converter?

    TunesBank Apple Music Converter is a desktop application. Currently, it is available on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 (32-bit & 64-bit) and Mac OS X 10.11 or higher, including the latest macOS 13 Ventura.

  • 3. Do I need to install iTunes app to download Apple Music songs?

    No need. Compared to other brands on the market, the updated TunesBank Apple Music Converter has a built-in Apple Music web player and music player. This great feature lets you browse, search, listen and download any song/album/artist/playlist on the browser.

  • 4. Can I download an entire playlist from Apple Music?

    Yes, This professional TunesBank Apple Music Converter allows to download any song/album/artist/playlist from Apple Music web player. You can download a single song, an entire playlist, album, artist at once.

  • 5. Can I copy the downloaded Apple Music songs to my MP3 player?

    Yes. After converting Apple Music songs to MP3 using TunesBank tool, you can copy them to any MP3 player for enjoying, such as Sony Walkman, SanDisk, iRiver, Zune, etc.

  • 6. Can I play the downloaded Apple Music on my iPod Nano?

    Of course you can. TunesBank Apple Music Converter helps you crack Apple Music DRM and convert all your Apple Music songs to unprotected MP3, M4A files, so then you could sync these Apple MusicMP3/M4A files to iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Classic, iPod Touch.

  • 7. What output formats does TunesBank Apple Music Converter support?

    TunesBank Apple Music Converter for Mac and Windows supports MP3, M4A, WAV and FLAC audio formats, which are compatible with most music players and devices. With it, you'll be able to play Apple Music outside the Apple Music app or iTunes.