How to Stream Apple Music on PS5

How can you play Apple Music on PS5? This article explains why you can’t play Apple Music songs on PS5 directly, and introduces 2 solutions to help you stream Apple Music on Sony PS5 via USB drive, DLNA connection.

“Is there any way to stream Apple Music to PS5?” The answer is positive! The PlayStation 5 (PS5) developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment was finally released in November 2020. Like its former PS4, Sony’s PlayStation 5 has added a series of media applications including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Spotify, Apple TV and more. Surprisingly, you can listen to your favorite music on PS5 while playing games after you import your favorite music to PS5 via USB drive.

stream Apple Music on PS5

As mentioned above, Apple Music has never been added to game consoles, including the latest PS5. If you want to stream Apple Music on PS5, you need to find an excellent Apple Music Converter software to remove Apple Music DRM. TunesBank Apple Music Converter comes in handy. Before going deeper, you might want to understand why the PS5 can’t play Apple Music?

Part 1. Why Can’t Play Apple Music on PS5?

The music formats supported by Playstation 5 only include MP3, AAC and M4A. However, the music files downloaded from Apple Music are all encoded in a special format called M4P with DRM protection. So, when you import Apple Music songs to PS5, you will find that the files are not available. Luckily, PS5 comes with built-in USB ports. To play Apple Music on PS5 smoothly, you need a professional Apple Music Converter to convert Apple Music tracks, albums and playlists to DRM-free MP3/M4A format, then transfer Apple Music songs to USB drive. This is where TunesBank Apple Music Converter comes to the rescue.

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Part 2. Best Way to Stream Apple Music on PS5

TunesBank Apple Music Converter is a convenient DRM removal tool for Apple Music, and it can convert Apple Music to MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, AC3, AU or AIFF format with 100% original quality. Fast speed, stable operation, batch conversion make TunesBank Apple Music Converte stand out. After that, saving the converted songs to the USB drive so that you can simply sync converted Apple Music songs to PS5 via the USB drive and play them in the background.

Step-by-step Guide to Stream Apple Music to PS5 from USB Drive

Step 1. Install and Start TunesBank Apple Music Converter
This is a tool suitable for Windows and Mac computers. After getting its installation package from the official website, then you can start it. Note that the iTunes or Music application will also be loaded automatically.

launch tunesbank apple music converter

Step 2. Add Apple Music Tracks
Find the Playlist category and click on it, and you need to tick the checkboxes in front of the songs you want to convert. In addition, you can also directly drag and drop songs to the TunesBank interface.

select apple music tracks

Step 3. Choose Output Format
Go to the Output Settings at the bottom, you can choose MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, AC3, AU or AIFF as the output format. You are allowed to set the bit rate, sample rate and channel as needed.

choose mp3 format

Step 4. Start to Convert Apple Music Files to MP3
You can now click the “Convert” button, and TunesBank Apple Music Converter will automatically convert Apple Music songs to MP3 at up to 10X faster.

start to download apple msuic to mac

Once the conversion is done, click the “View Output File” button to find the converted Apple Music songs.

view output mp3 files

Step 5. Transfer and Play Apple Music on PS5 via USB
Now you have got MP3 files from Apple Music and saved them to the computer. Please use a USB drive to insert into your computer and create a new folder to save the converted Apple Music files, for example named “Music”.

Next, you only need to insert the USB flash drive into PS5 to play Apple Music song offline: Find the “Music” icon> “USB Drive” on the main menu, open it, and you will see the name of the USB flash drive and the audio files in it should also be displayed. Then you can now start streaming Apple Music tracks on your PS5 for playback.

Part 3. Stream Apple Music to PS5 via DLNA

Alternatively, you can stream Apple Music from your phone to PS5, what you need is a DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance). DLNA allows you to share music, videos, photos between DLNA-certified devices over a home Wi-Fi network. This means you can play Apple Music from your iPhone or Android phone to PS5. But this method requires your device to be in a stable and smooth network environment, otherwise the playback may be interrupted and affect the sense of hearing. Follow the steps below to stream Apple Music songs on PS5 from iPhone with DLNA.

Step 1. Go to the App Store on your iPhone, search and install a DLNA server for iPhone.

Sep 2. On your Sony PS5, go to PlayStation Store > Apps > Catalog, find the Media Player app and launch it. Then choose your DLNA server on iPhone.

Stream Apple Music to PS5 via DLNA

Step 3. Make sure your iPhone and PS5 are under the same Wi-Fi network. Now you can play Apple Music songs from iPhone on PS5 while you’re inside of a game.

The Bottom Line
In short, you are able to stream Apple Music on your PS5 via USB drive or DLNA. Although you can stream Apple Music from phone to PS5 via DLNA, but you need a stable and smooth network. Once the subscription ends, your are not allowed to listen to Apple Music on PS5 at all. So why not save Apple Music tracks to a USB drive forever? There is no doubt that TunesBank Apple Music Converter is the best tool to play Apple Music tracks on PS5, PS4, PS3, PSP, etc. With it, you can easily convert Apple Music songs to MP3 for any devices, save Apple Music to USB drive, and keep Apple Music forever, etc.

Stream Apple Music on PS5