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User Guide of Apple Music Converter(Mac)

  • Trial Version Vs. Full Version
  • Launch & Register
  • Convert Apple Music
  • Extract Audio

About TunesBank Apple Music Converter(Mac)

TunesBank Apple Music Converter(Mac) is a professional Apple Music Converter, Apple Music DRM Removal, iTunes M4P Converter and Audiobooks Converter, it not only helps you convert Apple Music tracks/playlist/albums to common MP3/M4A/FLAC, but also convert iTunes M4A/M4B/AA/AAX audiobooks and iTunes M4P music to MP3, M4A, FLAC, or AAC and more formats. It can convert Apple Music at 5X speed with 100% lossless quality (on Mac OS X 10.11 or Higher).

Tips: It's conversion speed faster than any similar converter on the market, and the Windows version up to 10X conversion speed (on Windows 10/8.1/8/7).

Trial Version Vs. Full Version

Trial Version: The trial version only allows you convert the first 3 minutes of each song. You can try TunesBank for free for 30 days.

Full Version: The full version allows you convert as many songs as you like without limitations, one time payment, lifetime using and upgrades free.

mac amc free

If you want to use TunesBank full version, please buy the license code and activate the software to unlock the restrictions. You can purchase a license code from our Store, the activation code will be sent to your email automatically within minutes.

buy amc mac

Then copy and paste your license code in the blank and click "Activate" button to register full version.

activate amc mac

Currently, TunesBank supports English, Japanese, French, German and Chinese Traditional, click “Language” menu bar to select a language. To better meet requirements of users from all over the world, we will released multilingual version of TunesBank Apple Music Converter in the future.

amc language

Launch & Register

Step 1. Download TunesBank Apple Music Converter

TunesBank compatibles with Windows and Mac. Click the above download button to download the installation package. Then follow the instructions to install the converter on your computer.

Step 2. Install and Launch Apple Music Converter

After downloading and install the converter on your Mac, double click the app icon to launch it.

launch tunesbank amc

Step 3. Register TunesBank Apple Music Converter

The software will launch automatically, please click on "Unactiated" to open the registration window. You can convert the first 3 minutes of each audio with the free trial version.

register apple music converter 1

If you like the program, please buy the full version and register to unlock the restrictions. You can purchase TunesBank Apple Music Converter from our Store. Once purchase successfully, our system will send the license key to your email automatically, please copy the Activation Code from the email and paste it into the the input blanks, then click “Activate” button to activate the program.

register apple music converter 2

Once activation successful, you can convert entire songs, playlist and albums.

register apple music converter 3

How to Convert Apple Music and iTunes Songs to MP3

Step 1. Install & Launch iTunes(or Apple Music app) and Login with your Apple ID

Because TunesBank Apple Music Converter needs load files from iTunes or Apple Music app, make sure you have downloaded and installed the iTunes or Apple Music app on your Mac, and then log into iTunes with the same Apple ID that you used for Apple Music subscription.

For macOS 10.14 and older, you need to install iTunes on your computer.

For macOS 10.15 and later, the iTunes has been removed and replaced with the new Apple Music app.

Step 2. Add Apple Music Tracks to iTunes Library or Download them to Local Computer

Since the TunesBank can loads the iTunes library automatically, you don't need to download Apple Music tracks to your computer first, just add songs, albums or playlists to your iTunes Library. Of course, you can download the Apple Music file from iTunes to computer to store them locally.

add music itunes library

Step 3. Launch TunesBank Apple Music Converter on Mac

Launch TunesBank Apple Music Converter on your computer, and iTunes (or Apple Music app) will be launched automatically. At the same time, all of your iTunes library and playlists will be synced into TunesBank program automatically.

mac apple music converter

As follow screenshot, all songs in the iTunes library are automatically loaded into the converter.

apple music added

Tips: After loading completed, you can search the Apple Music song you want through the search box in the upper right corner. If the song doesn't appear in iTunes, then it won't be shown on TunesBank program either.

Step 4. Select Apple Music Songs to Convert

Click a playlist on the left panel, then all Apple Music tracks stored in that playlist will appear on the main interface. Select the songs you want to convert by clicking at the checkbox. Of course, you can click on the top checkbox to select the entire playlist, the converter can help you to convert as many Apple Music songs as you like in batch in 5X faster conversion speed.

select apple music

Step 5. Select Output Format and Output Profile

At the bottom of the main interface, you will see Output Settings and Metadata section. Here, you can choose your various output format you want, as well as output quality, name of the output file, output folder, codec, bit rate, sample rate, channels, etc.

Output format (For Mac): It can convert Apple Music tracks, audiobooks, iTunes songs and iTunes podcasts to MP3, M4A or FLAC.

Output format (For Windows): It supports 7 output audio formats which include MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, AIFF, AU, AC3, etc.

select output format mp3

Tips: Since most devices and media players support MP3 format, mp3 is the default output format, you can choose the format you want. For audiobooks conversion, we suggest you choose MP3/M4A as output format, because it can preserve Audiobook chapter information to MP3 or M4A output files after converting.

amc output quality

Output quality: On this section, you can manually set the output audio quality from low, normal, high or set bitrate, sample rate according to your needs. If you want to keep the original audio quality of Apple Music files, you can set bit rate as 256 Kbps and sample rate as 44,100 Hz.

set metadata

Metadata: TunesBank can read and save music metadata, such as the song title, artist name, album name, genre or album artwork. Of course, you can also edit the ID3 tags as you like.

Step 6. Adjust Conversion Speed(1X or 5X)

Click “Speed” menu column, you can choose 1X or 5X conversion speed. For Windows version, it can convert Apple Music songs at up to 10X conversion speed.

tunesbank conversion speed

TunesBank Pros:Because of macOS limitation, not all Apple Music converter for Mac can reach 5X conversion speed in market, but TunesBank overcome various difficulties and it uses advanced conversion technology to achieve 5 times conversion speed.

Step 7. Convert Apple Music to MP3 Formats

Just clicking "Convert" button to start converting Apple Music or iTunes songs to MP3 format, you also can convert them to M4A, FLAC, AAC, AIFF, AU or AC3 audio file on Windows PC.

During converting process, the program removing DRM from Apple Music files, and the iTunes plays the Apple Music tracks in the background (muted), so you'd better not using iTunes until the whole conversion process complete, please wait patiently.

converting apple music mp3

TunesBank Pros: Unlike other converter, most program not allows add more songs into the “Converting” list during converting process, but TunesBank allows you, you can return back to "Library" and add more songs to convert.

Step 8. View the Converted Apple Music Songs

When the conversion is done, click "Finished" tab to view all the converted songs, and click the "View Output File" button to open the output folder.

view output songs

You will get the non-DRM protected Apple Music songs or iTunes songs, you can see all converted songs are MP3 audio format. It means that you have saved Apple Music as local files and keep the songs forever, now you can offline enjoy Apple Music on any devices freely!

get apple music mp3

How to Extract Audio from iTunes Videos

TunesBank Apple Music Converter not only can convert Apple Music, iTunes music and audioboks, but also can help you extract audio/music from iTunes music video, TV show, iTunes movie, etc. Let’s learn how to extract audio from iTunes music video.

Step 1. Download Videos to Library from iTunes Store

To make sure that you can convert iTunes M4V video to MP3 without obstacle, we highly recommend you to download them to the iTunes Library firstly.

Step 2. Launch TunesBank Apple Music Converter

When you launch TunesBank Apple Music Converter, it will automatically run the iTunes automatically and all media files loaded into the converter.

launc tunesbank apple music converter mac

Step 3. Select iTunes Videos to Convert

Click the relevant Playlist and select the iTunes movies, TV show and Music Videos you want to extract audio from, you can click on the top checkbox to select the entire video playlist.

select itunes video

Step 4. Select Output Format and Output Quality

Go to "Output Setting" and select MP3, M4A or FLAC as output format.

choose audio format

In addition, you can customize the profile settings as per your requirement, here you can select audio quality from low, normal, high or set bitrate, sample rate according to your needs. The output folder path is also can be changed.

output audio profile

Click “Metadata” menu, you can also edit the ID3 tags or change album artwork.

edit metadata

Step 5. Start Extracting Audio from iTunes Video

After choosing the output audio format you want, click "Convert" to start converting iTunes video to MP3, M4A or FLAC. What’s more, the Windows also can convert iTunes M4V video to MP3, M4A, FLAC, AAC, AC3, MKA, AIFF, etc.

extract audio itunes video

Tips:During converting, iTunes plays the videos in the background (muted), so you'd better not using iTunes before conversion is finished.

Step 6. Find Extracted Audio Files

When the conversion is done, click "Finished" tab and click the "View Output File" button to find all the extracted audio files.

find mp3 files

As follow screenshot, you can see the output MP3 music files saved onto the computer folder, you can transfer them to MP3 player, iPod nano, mobile phone for listening everywhere.

extract mp3 itunes video finished

Start using TunesBank Apple Music Converter (Mac) by following the above full user guide. Freely enjoy Apple Music in the way you like!