Want to download YouTube movies to MP4? This post will guide you through two methods to download any YouTube videos to MP4 format. You’ll learn how to use a third-party tool for a more robust and feature-rich experience, as well as an online YouTube converter for a quick and easy solution.

YouTube is a site where people can upload, watch, and share videos. It’s the most popular video-sharing platform online, with over a billion active users each month. Initially designed for user-made content, YouTube quickly became popular with both viewers and creators. Now, it offers a wide range of videos, including music, movies, TV shows, and educational content. Most videos are free, but some require a subscription. Sometimes, you might want to download YouTube videos as MP4 files to watch offline. So you can keep the videos and watch them without an internet connection. In this article, we’ll show you two ways to download YouTube videos to MP4 in high quality for offline viewing.

Part 1. Download YouTube Movies to MP4 with a Third-Party Tool

YouTube’s official app lets subscribers download videos for offline viewing, but it doesn’t save them in MP4 format and has certain limitations. Additionally, the downloaded videos become inaccessible once the subscription expires. In such cases, you can use a third-party tool to bypass these restrictions and save YouTube videos permanently.

Tool Recommended – TunesBank iMovieTool

TunesBank iMovieTool is a powerful, all-in-one video downloader that lets you download YouTube videos for free. It also supports downloading from 7 streaming sites, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO Max, Apple TV+, YouTube, and Hulu. With TunesBank iMovieTool, you can download movies and TV shows to MP4 or MKV in high-quality 1080p , which is ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices and media players.

One of the standout features is its ability to preserve original audio tracks and subtitles in multiple languages, allowing you to enjoy videos in your preferred language. Plus, this tool is Equipped with hardware acceleration and a unique download core, which offers fast and stable performance, enabling you to download videos quickly. Overall, TunesBank iMovieTool allows you to permanently save videos on your device for offline playback without any restrictions.

Key Features of TunesBank iMovieTool

  • Support Downloading from 7 streaming sites.
  • Download YouTube videos in MP4/MKV Format.
  • Download YouTube videos in full HD 1080P.
  • Remain the original multilingual audio tracks and subtitles.
  • Lightning Downloading Speed up to 50X.
  • Keep your YouTube video forever.
  • Watch YouTube video Offline On Any Device & Player.
  • Compatible with Windows & Mac.

Tutorial: How to Download YouTube Movies to MP4

Step 1. Download, Install, Launch TunesBank iMovieTool
Download and install the program on your computer. After that, launch TunesBank iMovieTool, choose YouTube service and log in to your YouTube account, either Free or Premium.

choose youtube and log in

Step 2. Search for YouTube Movies
You have two options for adding YouTube videos. First, you can type the name or keyword of the movie or show into the search bar. TunesBank will find and display all related videos. Alternatively, you can visit the YouTube website, copy the link of the desired movie or show, and paste it into TunesBank.

search for youtube movies

Step 3. Set Output Format to MP4
Next, click the “Gear” icon in the upper-right corner of the screen to open the settings. Here, you can select your preferred video format (MP4), set the video quality to high, choose the language, and adjust other settings for your YouTube downloads.

set output format to mp4

Step 4. Start to Download YouTube Movies to MP4
After completing the setup, click the “Download” icon to save YouTube movies as MP4 files on your computer.

start to download

Then, click “History” to access your downloaded YouTube movies. These MP4 local video files can be played with any media player on your computer, or you can transfer them to other devices for offline viewing.

access your downloaded youtube movie

Part 2. How to Download YouTube Videos Using Free Online YouTube Converter

When you search for a YouTube video downloader, you’ll find numerous sites listed. Here, we’ll use as an example. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

Step 1. Visit
Step 2. Copy the YouTube video link and paste it into
Step 3. Click “Download” to save the YouTube videos as MP4 files.


Be aware that the safety of some websites cannot be guaranteed. It’s advisable to install antivirus software to protect your computer from malware and other malicious threats. This software scans for unsafe websites and blocks them, and it can also detect any viruses or malware on your system. For those concerned about safety, the most recommended solution is using TunesBank iMovieTool, which is verified to be 100% clean and safe.

Part 3. Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I Save a YouTube Video to a Flash Drive?
Yes. Once you convert the YouTube video to MP4 format with a video downloader tool, then you can transfer it to any device, including a flash drive, for regular playback.

Q2. Is It Safe to Use a YouTube Video Downloader?
The YouTube Video Downloader recommended in Part 1 is completely safe and clean, so you can use it with confidence. However, the safety of other YouTube video downloaders cannot be guaranteed. We recommend taking precautions, such as using antivirus software, to ensure the safety of your computer or device.


In conclusion, TunesBank iMovieTool is a reliable choice for downloading videos from YouTube and various streaming platforms. Its user-friendly interface allows you to download YouTube videos to MP4 in high-quality while preserving the original audio tracks and subtitles. Give it a try today and enjoy your favorite videos offline.

Download YouTube Movies to MP4
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