Can’t download Spotify songs to SD card? Here we will introduce 2 effective ways to download and save Spotify songs to SD card on Android phone, or convert Spotify tracks to MP3 to save on any SD card. So that you can move Spotify songs to SD card for free up internal memory and play them on other devices.

“My Samsung Galaxy S21 is running out of memory, can I download Spotify songs to SD card? Can anybody help? Thanks.”

“Is there any way to save Spotify songs to an external SD card? I want to play them on my Samsung QN90A QLED Smart TV.”

Spotify Music streaming service is widely acclaimed for its wonderful features around the world. Spotify provides users Premium plan and Free plan. Compared with Free users, the main features of Premium users is they can enjoy high quality music without ads interrupt and are allowed to download music for offline listening. Although downloading tracks for offline playback is a great way to listen to music without network, if you create a playlist that is too large, it will quickly eat up your phone’s storage space.

As we all know, SD card can expand the memory of the device. If you are a Spotify Music user and use Android phones and tablets, Windows Phone, Symbian or other devices that support SD cards. When your mobile phone is running out of memory, one of the most common methods is to move Spotify songs to SD card for backup. After saving Spotify song on a SD card, you can not only free up your internal storage space, but also can listen to Spotify Music in the smart phones, car stereo, smart TVs, smart speakers, PSP via SD card (use with a SD card reader together).

However, this method is very effective for Spotify Premium users, because only Premium users can download Spotify songs for offline playback. Can’t Free users save Spotify songs to SD card? The answer is no. In this article, we will share with you 2 ways to download Spotify songs to SD card.

Part 1. Download Spotify Songs to SD Card on Android (Premium Only)

As we mentioned above, only Spotify Premium users can download Spotify tracks for offline listening. If you subscribe the Premium plan and your Android device can be compatible with external SD card, you can download Spotify songs to SD card directly. Here is the easiest way to save Spotify songs to SD card within the App itself.

Step 1. Open the Spotify App on your Android phone and go to ‘My Library’.

Step 2. Touch the ‘Settings’ button(gear image) > ‘Storage’ button.

Step 3. There are two folders, respectively ‘Device Storage’ and ‘SD card’. Select the ‘SD card’ to store your downloaded Spotify songs.

save spotify to sd card

Part 2. Save Spotify Songs to SD Card on Any Devices (Premium & Free)

Although the method we mentioned above is easy and effective, it is limited to Spotify Premium users and Android devices with external SD card. Premium users can only play downloaded Spotify songs in Spotify App during the subscription period. Worse, once Premium users cancel the subscription of Spotify, the songs they have downloaded will be unavailable. That’s because DRM protection of Spotify, they prevent users from downloading Spotify songs to SD card freely. To overcome this issue, you had better download Spotify songs then transfer them to SD card.

Speaking of Spotify songs downloader, the most recommended is TunesBank Spotify Music Converter. It can not only remove DRM restrictions from Spotify songs, but also download and convert Spotify songs to MP3, M4A, FLAC or WAV format with 100% original quality. In addition, it is helpful for both Premium and Free users, you can enjoy high-quality and ad-free songs without limitation. In this way, you can easily move Spotify songs to SD card, USB drive for playing in the car, Smart TV, Smart Speakers, etc.

Core Features of TunsBank Spotify Music Converter:

  • Remove DRM protection from Spotify songs, albums or playlists.
  • Easily download Spotify songs to SD card with lossless quality.
  • Convert Spotify tracks to MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC formats.
  • Keep ID3 tags in the output songs, like title, artist, albums, etc.
  • Customize output parameters according to your requirements.
  • Transfer downloaded Spotify songs to SD Card, USB drive, etc.

Guide: Download Spotify Songs to SD Card with TunesBank

Here we will guide you how to use TunesBank to download Spotify songs and save them to SD card. Let’s follow the tutorial step by step.

Step 1. Start and Login to TunesBank Converter
Make sure you have installed the TunesBank Converter. Open the program, click “Open the Spotify web player” and login your account on the converter. It will sync all music data from your Spotify account.

launch spotify music converter

Step 2. Add Spotify Songs to TunesBank Converter
You can directly open any songs, and drag it to the “+” icon to add them into TunesBank Converter.

add spotify songs

Or drag a Spotify playlist to the “+” icon, all the Spotify tracks in the playlist will be loaded to the converter automatically.

add spotify playlist

Step 3. Select MP3 as Output Format
In this part, you can choose MP3 as the output format to click “Convert all files to:” button to save Spotify songs to SD card. MP3 format is popular format and can be compatible with the SD card.

select mp3 format

Step 4. Select Output Settings
Click “Preferences” > “Advanced”, here you can select the Output Quality, Bit rate, Sample rate as you want.

aujust output settings

Step 5. Start to Download Spotify to MP3
Click “Convert All” button to start downloading Spotify songs to MP3 formats.

download spotify songs to mp3

Step 6. Get Spotify MP3 Songs
After downloading, you will get the MP3 Spotify songs via “Finished” > “View Output File”, then you can directly transfer them to SD card.

get mp3 music files

Step 6. Move the Downloaded Spotify Songs to SD Card
1) Connect your SD card to your computer via a SD card reader.
2) Select the songs in the output folder and move them to SD card.
3) Now you can listen to Spotify songs in SD card on any device you want.


If your downloaded Spotify files take up too much of your devices storage space, save Spotify songs to SD card is the best ways to free up memory of your devices. TunesBank Spotify Converter is a good helper, whether you are Premium or Free users, you can download Spotify songs to SD card without limits to get more space for mobile devices. Moreover, you can transfer Spotify songs to SD card to play in your car, listen them on Smart Speakers and Smart TV, etc.

Download Spotify Songs to SD Card


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