Want to know how to keep Apple TV+ movies and shows forever? Read this article, it will show you the way to download Apple TV+ movies and shows to MP4/MKV on computer, so that you can keep them forever for offline viewing anywhere without limits.

Apple TV+ stands out as a popular and captivating streaming service, capturing the interest of entertainment enthusiasts. Operating on a subscription-based model, Apple TV+ boasts a diverse selection of original content, spanning movies, TV shows, and documentaries. Accessible in over 100 countries, the platform can be enjoyed across various devices, including iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac, and PC. If you appreciate fresh and innovative content, Apple TV+ is a compelling option. While it may not deliver blockbuster movies, it does offer a collection of classics for your enjoyment.

By subscribing to Apple TV+, you gain the ability to download movies and shows for offline viewing. But there are time limits: you can keep them for 30 days, and once you start, you’ve got 24 hours to finish. Keep in mind, if you cancel your Apple TV+ subscription, you lose access to the movies and shows, your downloads will be disappeared. To keep your favorite Apple TV+ movies and shows forever, you can use TunesBank Apple TV+ Downloader to download movies and shows to MP4/MKV on Mac/Windows.

Tool Required – TunesBank Apple TV+ Downloader

TunesBank Apple TV+ Downloader is a robust solution that lets you effortlessly download TV shows and movies from Apple TV+ to high-definition MP4/MKV files in 720p quality. It retains multiple audio tracks and subtitles, ensuring a comprehensive viewing experience. By bypassing the DRM protection on Apple TV+ content, this tool enables you to own and keep your favorite movies and shows permanently, even if you cancel your subscription. Plus, you can transfer and enjoy them offline anywhere, without relying on the Apple TV+ app or a browser.

Main Features of TunesBank Apple TV+ Downloader

Cross-Platform Compatibility
Seamlessly download Apple TV+ movies and TV shows on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Versatile Output Formats
Convert Apple TV+ content to widely compatible formats such as MP4 and MKV, ensuring flexibility in playback on various devices.

High-Quality Downloads
Obtain Apple TV+ videos in pristine 720p quality, delivering a crisp and clear viewing experience.

Immersive Surround Sound
Capture the full audio experience with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound support, enhancing the richness of the audio in downloaded content.

Multilingual Support
Maintain audio tracks and subtitles in various languages, enabling users to enjoy content in their chosen language or with accessibility features.

Lifetime Access
Keep Apple TV+ movies and TV shows indefinitely without worrying about expiration dates. Savor your preferred content at your own speed, even if you decide to cancel your subscription.

DRM Removal
Bypass Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection on Apple TV+ content, giving users full ownership of the downloaded videos and the freedom to use them as they wish.

Offline Playback Anywhere
Transfer and play downloaded content offline on any device of your choice, eliminating the need for the Apple TV+ app or a web browser.

Speedy Downloads
Benefit from fast downloading speeds, allowing you to build your offline library quickly and efficiently.

Tutorial: How to Download Apple TV+ Movies and Shows to MP4/MKV

TunesBank Apple TV+ Downloader works seamlessly on both Windows and Mac operating systems. To begin, simply click the ‘Download’ button to acquire the installation package tailored for your computer.

Step 1. Launch TunesBank and Log In
After installing, open TunesBank Apple TV+ Video Downloader on your computer and sign in.

login apple tv account

Step 2. Search and Add Apple TV+ Movies & Shows
After logging into your Apple TV+ account, input the name of the show or movie you’re seeking into the search bar, then click the search icon.

search apple video

Alternatively, you have the option to copy the video link from the Apple TV+ website and paste it into the search bar. Afterward, click the search icon to start the process of discovering your preferred TV shows and movies.

Step 3. Customize Output Settings
Click the setting icon to customize your output preferences, including video format (MP4 or MKV), codec (H264 or H265), preferred audio and subtitle languages, output folder, and other configurations according to your needs.

output settings

Step 4. Start to Download Apple TV+ Movies and Shows
To initiate the download, simply select the download icon next to your chosen TV show or movie. If it’s a movie, click the download icon adjacent to it, and the download process will commence.

sart to download

If you’ve opted for a TV show, select the download icon next to it to choose the particular episodes you want to download.

download tv show

Step 5. View Downloaded History
Once the movie download is complete, navigate to the ‘History’ section to view all your downloaded items. Find the downloaded files by clicking on the blue ‘output folder’ icon.

download history


Renowned for delivering a top-notch entertainment experience on Apple devices, Apple TV+ stands out as a leading service provider. For those seeking a way to keep Apple TV+ movies and shows forever for enjoyment, consider using TunesBank Apple TV+ Downloader. This exceptional tool allows you to download any movie or show from Apple TV+ to MP4/MKV, ensuring limitless offline viewing and an enhanced overall experience.

Keep Apple TV+ Movies Forever
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