TunePat HBOMax Videof Downloader makes it easy for streaming fans to download their favorite HBOMax videos for offline viewing. Check out the review to see if TunePat HBOMax Video Downloader is worth it for improving your streaming experience.

TunePat HBOMax Video Downloader is a great way to grab and enjoy 720P HBOMax videos offline on your computer, tablet, or smart TV. It’s especially handy if you can’t get HBOMax on your device or want to keep your favorite Max TV shows and movies even after your subscription ends. Check out a detailed review of TunePat HBOMax Video Downloader to learn more about its features like search, video quality, subtitles, and download speed. See if it’s the right fit for you. And if not, there’s another easy-to-use and affordable option you can try instead.

Part 1. Key Features of TunePat HBOMax Video Downloader

TunePat HBOMax Video Downloader is a standout tool for snagging high-quality HBOMax content, packed with advanced features. Let’s take a closer look at what it offers:

downloading hbomax video

Easy Searching
With its built-in HBOMax web player, you can access your HBOMax account directly, making browsing and downloading a breeze without needing the HBOMax website or app.

Flexible Saving Options
You can save HBOMax videos in MP4 or MKV formats, making them compatible with various devices like Smart TVs, Roku, and Google Chromecast. Plus, there’s no DRM protection, so you can easily share or enjoy your downloads offline.

Great Video Quality
TunePat HBOMax Video Downloader lets you grab HD 1080P videos from HBOMax, with options to adjust quality based on your network. You can even switch to 720P for smoother downloads in slow internet conditions.

Customized Subtitles and Audio
Choose from different subtitle types to suit your needs, whether it’s for editing or multilingual viewing. Original audio tracks and subtitles are preserved during the download process.

Faster Downloads with Hardware Acceleration
Utilizing hardware acceleration, including Intel, Nvidia, and AMD support, speeds up your downloads. Just make sure your graphics drivers are up-to-date to take full advantage of this feature.

In summary, TunePat HBOMax Video Downloader is a reliable choice for grabbing, customizing, and enjoying HBOMax content hassle-free.

Part 2. How to Use TunePat HBOMax Video Downloader

The features mentioned earlier make TunePat a top choice for HBOMax downloads. Here’s how to use it:

Step 1. Install and open TunePat HBOMax Video Downloader on your Windows/Mac computer. Log in to your HBOMax Account.

login hbomax

Step 2. Before downloading, go to “Settings” and customize options like output format, location, languages, and subtitles.


Step 3. Find your HBOMax videos on the web player’s homepage. Click the green download button to start downloading.

search for hbomax video

Part 3. Is TunePat HBOMax Video Downloader Worth it?

By now, you should have a good understanding of TunePat HBOMax Video Downloader and how it can be beneficial. If you’re still unsure about purchasing this software, let’s explore its pricing and any drawbacks to help you make an informed decision.

Pricing Options for TunePat HBOMax Video Downloader

Let’s take a look at the pricing for different subscription plans if you’re interested:

1-Year Plan: $59.95
This plan offers a 1-year license for one device, with the flexibility to cancel your subscription at any time if you change your mind.

Lifetime Plan: $129.9
With this plan, you’ll receive a lifetime license for one device, along with free upgrades and technical support.

Drawbacks of TunePat HBOMax Video Downloader

Though TunePat HBOMax Video Downloader is user-friendly and loaded with features for Max video downloads, it has some downsides:

  • Speed Control Limitation: Users can’t adjust download speed, which might disappoint those wanting more control.
  • Slow Downloads: Download speeds have been reported as slow by some users, leading to longer wait times.
  • Occasional Errors: Even with a stable connection, users might encounter errors during downloads.
  • High CPU Usage: The software can hog CPU resources, potentially impacting other tasks.
  • Trial Version Restrictions: The trial version limits downloads to the first 5 minutes of each video, limiting its usefulness for testing.
  • Pricey Lifetime Plan: The lifetime plan comes with a high price tag, deterring some users from long-term commitment.

Part 4. The Best Alternative to Download HBOMax Videos

While TunePat HBOMax Video Downloader is a great choice, it can be inconsistent with slow speeds and download errors. If this bothers you, consider switching to TunesBank HBOMax Downloader. TunesBank is a lightweight tool that downloads and converts HBOMax videos to MP4/MKV in 720P/1080P. It’s faster thanks to hardware acceleration and advanced tech, making it a better choice for getting HBOMax content. Moreover, you can search for any video by entering its name or pasting the video’s URL link. Then, you can download and play the video without needing to use the HBOMax app.

Highlight Features of TunesBank HBOMax Downloader

Download Movies and TV Shows
TunesBank HBOMax Downloader lets you download your favorite movies and TV shows directly from HBO Max and Max, so you can enjoy them offline whenever you want.

Save Videos in MP4 and MKV
With TunesBank, you can save HBO Max and Max videos in popular formats like MP4 and MKV, making them compatible with a wide range of devices and media players.

Fast Batch Downloads
Enjoy lightning-fast downloads with TunesBank’s batch downloading feature, allowing you to grab multiple HBO Max and Max videos at speeds up to 50 times faster than real-time.

Preserve Original Audio and Subtitles
TunesBank HBOMax Downloader keeps the original audio tracks, including 5.1 surround sound, and subtitles in multiple languages during the download process, ensuring an immersive viewing experience.

Download Videos with Any Plan
Whether you’re on an ad-free or ad-supported plan on HBO Max, TunesBank HBOMax Downloader lets you download videos hassle-free, so you can watch them without interruptions.

Watch Offline Without the App
Once downloaded, you can enjoy your favorite HBO Max and Max movies and TV shows offline without needing the HBO Max app, giving you more flexibility in how you enjoy your entertainment.

How to use TunesBank HBOMax Downloader

Step 1. Launch TunesBank HBOMax Downloader
Download and install TunesBank HBOMax Downloader on your Mac or Windows computer, open the software, then you need to log in your HBO Max account.

login hbo max account

Step 2. Search for Your Desired Video
After logging in, use the search bar to input the title of the show or movie you want to download. There are two methods to search for video content on HBOMax. You can either directly search for a video by its title or copy and paste the video URL into the search box.

copy and paste video link

Step 3. Customize Output Settings
On the main interface, select the “Gear” icon to open up settings where you can customize the video format (MP4 or MKV), codec (H264 or H265), audio and subtitle languages, output folder, and other options.

output settings

Step 4. Start HBO Max Video Downloading
Once you’ve set up all your preferences, just click the “Download” button to begin downloading HBO TV series, blockbuster movies, and exclusive Max Originals to your computer.

download hbomax movies

Step 5. View Download History
Once the download is finished, please go to the “History” tab where you can see all the video content you’ve downloaded.

view hobmax videos

Please select the “Blue Folder” icon to open the output folder. Here, you can find the downloaded videos saved on your computer in MP4/MKV format.

find hobmax videos

When comparing the two tools below, it becomes evident that TunesBank HBOMax Video Downloader outperforms the other in ripping HBOMax videos.

  TunePat HBOMax Video Downloader UkeyTunesBank HBOMax Downloader Winner
Searching Built-in web player URL, keywords TunePat
Trial Version Download the first 5 minutes of each video Download the first 6 minutes of each video TunesBank
Video Quality 720P 720P/1080P TunesBank
Download Speed Medium (unstable and errors occur frequently) 50x, stable TunesBank
Subtitle Types Internal subtitles, external subtitles, and hardcode subtitles Soft Subtitles, Hard Subtitles, External Subtitles Both
Pricing $59.95/year


While TunePat HBOMax Video Downloader satisfies many users’ needs with its reliable downloads, TunesBank HBOMax Downloader is the better option if you want stable performance, faster speeds, and user-friendly features. TunesBank offers more advanced downloading features, lets you download longer videos in the trial version, and saves HBOMax videos at a more affordable price.

TunePat HBOMax Video Downloader Review
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