There are many reasons why you need to download or convert HBO Max to MKV format. Get a professional HBO Max Video Downloader here and learn how to download HBO Max movies and TV shows to MKV format with HD quality.

HBO Max is one of the most famous subscription-based streaming video services. It offers a large collection of original HBO titles, including classic shows like “The Sopranos“, “The Last of Us“, “Prodigal Son“, “Sex and the City“, as well as current hits like “Harley Quinn” and “Warrior“. HBO Max also have hit films, like the “The Exorcist”, “Mommie Dearest”, etc.

When you join the HBO Max Ad-Free ($16/month) or Ultimate Ad-Free plan ($20/month), you will get the download feature on iOS, Android, and Fire tablet. But if you have tried to transfer downloaded HBO Max videos from your phone to your computer, you may find that your HBO Max downloads are encrypted and can only be played within the HBO Max mobile app. In order to watch HBO Max videos on other devices, you need to download HBO Max videos to MKV format. MKV is a popular widely used video format, supported by most devices and players.

Downloading Max/HBO Max videos to MKV is not as difficult as you think! In this post, you will learn how to download Max/HBO Max video to MKV format and watch HBO Max videos offline on any device. Let’s go!

Tool Required: TunesBank HBOMax Downloader

To download HBO Max videos to MKV, here we highly recommend TunesBank HBOMax Downloader. TunesBank HBOMax Downloader is a full-features tool that can help you block ads on HBO Max, and download HBO Max movies and TV shows in MKV or MP4 format. This smart tool has an in-built search engine connected with the HBO Max library. Users can search for any movie or show by entering name or pasting URL directly.

The most distinguishing feature of this TunesBank downloader is that all HBO Max videos downloaded by this downloader are ad-free, no matter you are using HBO Max no ads or ad-supported plan. Compared to other brands on the market, TunesBank program offers up to 1080P quality to save the downloaded HBO videos, improving your offline viewing experience.

Explore More Outstanding Features of TunesBank HBOMax Downloader:

Download HBO Movies and TV Shows to MKV, MP4
TunesBank HBOMax Downloader is capable of downloading HBO Max movies and TV shows to MKV/MP4 with either HBO Max ad-free or ad-supported plan.

Download HBO Videos with HD Quality
TunesBank HBO Max Video Downloader gives you preferred option for downloading HBO Max Videos. With its help, you can download HBO Max movies and shows in HD quality, up to 720P.

Keep All Subtitles and Audio Tracks
The TunesBank software makes it straightforward to download HBO Max movies and TV shows with all audio track and subtitles kept. You can select different language to meet your needs.

Flexible Search Function to Add Videos
TunesBank allows you to add video content by searching for HBO Max video’s name, keywords or URL. You can need to install the HBO Max app, as it comes with a built-in web browser.

Remove Ads and Keep All Metadata Info
It not only helps ad-supported users remove the ads, but also save all video metadata information in the output files, including cast, cover, dimension, season number, etc.

Faster Speed and Batch Mode
The program runs fast and stable, saving your time. It enables you to download HBO Max videos in batch quickly with just one click. And you can download an entire episode of HBO Max at once.

Save HBO Max Videos Permanently
By downloading HBO Max videos to MKV or MP4, you can save the downloaded HBO Max videos on your local drive permanently. The downloaded video files don’t have expiration dates.

Guide: How to Download HBO Max Videos to MKV Format?

See the 4 easy steps to download HBO Max videos to MKV below:

Step 1. Log in to Your HBO Max Account
After installation, fire up TunesBank HBO Max Video Downloader, and sign in with your account, either ad-free or ad-supported.

login hbo max account

Step 2. Search for HBO Max Videos
Once logged, you can type the movie or show name in the search bar, and click “Search” icon. You can also go to HBO Max website, find the video and copy its URL. Then paste the video URL to TunesBank program.

paste hbo max video link

Step 3. Choose MKV Format for Your Downloads
Click the “Settings” (a gear icon) on the top right corner, select MKV format, and select the video codec, language, and subtitle type of the video as needed.

select mkv format

Step 4. Staty Downloading HBO Max Videos to MKV
After the above settings, hit on the “Download” icon next to the title. Then the HBO Max videos will be exported as MKV files.

start downloading hbomax movies to mkv

Step 5. Watch HBO Max Videos in MKV Format
When finished, you can check the downloaded MKV HBO Max videos under “History” section. Click the blue folder icon to open the output folder. You can watch these MKV HBO Max videos via other media players!

view downloaded hob max videos


To download HBO Max video in MKV format, a third-party downloader is necessary. TunesBank HBOMax Video Downloader is the perfect solution to get MKV files from HBO Max. It not only enables you to download Max(HBO) videos to MKV in 720P with ad-free or ad-supported plans. MP4, but also offers MP4 format to meet your needs. With it, you can keep HBO Max videos forever and enjoy them on any device without restrictions. It will never let you down.

Download HBO Max Videos to MKV
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