This article will figure out how long Amazon Prime downloads last, and guide you to keep Amazon videos forever. After which, you can enjoy offline high-res playback across different devices even after your subscription expires.

In addition to online streaming, Amazon Prime members and Prime Video subscribers are able to download Prime Video for offline viewing. However, the downloaded Prime Videos are not always available. They have limited viewing duration: 30 days or 48 hours. Here comes the question: “How long do Amazon Prime downloads last?” Is it possible to extend the expiration date of Amazon Prime downloads? Check out this post. Here you will get to know how long Prime videos last, and explore an effective way to keep Amazon Prime downloads forever.

Part 1. How Long Do Amazon Prime Downloads Last?

Amazon Prime Video allows you to download movies and TV shows from the latest version Prime Video App of these approval devices:

  • iOS devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) running iOS 9.0 or later
  • Android devices running Android 4.4.2 or later
  • Windows running Windows 10 or Windows 11
  • Mac running macOS 11.4 or later

– Simply open the Prime Video App on your device, sign with your Amazon account.

– Find the movie or TV show you want to download, and play it.

– Tap “Download” button to download the video title to your device.

download prime movies

However, these downloaded Amazon videos only be saved on your device for a short time. Usually, whether it’s a rented Amazon video or a downloaded Prime Video title, it only last for 30 days. Once you start playing it, it will be removed from your device after 48 hours.

For your purchased Amazon movies and TV shows, you don’t have to worry about expiration. Once you download them in Prime Video app, you can watch them offline at any time.

Part 2. How to Check the Duration of the Viewing Period Amazon Prime Downloads?

You can watch Amazon Prime downloads offline on devices without cellular or Wi-Fi. If you’re not sure whether your downloaded Prime video has expired, you can check the remaining viewing time in the Prime Video app.

Step 2. Go to “Downloads” section, find the downloaded movie or show, and tap on the three dots.

Step 3. Then, you can check for the remaining viewing period.

check downloaded prime video

So, why do Amazon Prime downloads expire?

● Content Protection: Amazon not only sets download limits, but also adds DRM restrictions to prevent all video content from unauthorized copying and sharing.

● Business Strategy: All streaming services (Amazon Prime Video included) put in place a series of restrictions to keep users subscribing and reap more profits.

When the Amazon Prime downloads expire, some people will continue the subscription for the viewing demands. So, how extend the expiration date of your downloaded Amazon videos? Next, we will share an effective way to help you keep your Amazon Video downloads forever.

Part 3. How to Keep Amazon Prime Videos Forever? (Save as MP4 Files)

To get rid of Prime Video download limits and extend the expiration date, downloading Amazon video to MP4 is the best solution. Here you can turn to TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader. It is an ideal tool to save any video title from Amazon Prime to your computer locally. Using it, users can download unlimited movies, TV shows, original video, purchased and rented Amazon videos to MP4 or MKV format, which gives you the ability to permanently keep Amazon videos and enjoy them anywhere!

The program comes with an in-built web browser, which means that you can search for any video content on the program without the Prime Video app! Additionally, it will save Amazon videos with full HD 1080p and original 5.1 surround sound for perfect playback.

Main Features of TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader:

  • Support downloading Amazon videos in different regions.
  • Download any Amazon video to computer to watch offline.
  • Download Amazon Prime movies, TV shows in MP4 or MKV format.
  • Save Amazon videos with up to 1080p quality for detailed watching.
  • Grab Amazon videos from built-in web browser, no Prime Video app needed.
  • Download Amazon Prime videos with audio and subtitle in multiple languages.
  • Download all episodes & seasons from Amazon Prime at once.
  • Keep Amazon videos forever on your computer, more move them to any device.

How to Download Amazon Videos to MP4 and Keep Them Forever?

Step 1. Open TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader
Click the “Download” button above, get the TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader downloaded to your Mac or Windows PC. If you are launching the software for the first time, TunesBank needs to work with an Amazon account to access the built-in web browser.

log into amazon prime

Step 2. Add Amazon Prime videos to TunesBank
TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader has a smart search engine. Users can easily catch any Amazon video they want. Simply enter the Amazon video title or keyword in the search field, and hit “Search” icon, then TunesBank will list all related videos in the screen.

search prime video

Also, users can copy and paste the video link from Amazon Prime Video app/website to the TunesBank program.

paste prime video link

Step 3. Change the Download Settings
TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader offers many customization options before downloading Amazon videos. Click the “Gear” icon to access the settings window, change the video format, video quality, video codec, output folder, audio track, subtitle and more as you like.

set output format

Step 4. Start Downloading Amazon Video to PC/Mac
Click the “Download” button next to the title, this program will start downloading movie from Amazon Prime web browser to your local folder as MP4 or MKV file.

start downloading rented prime movie

For downloading TV show, select any/all episodes and seasons you want to save. For advanced settings, click the “Gear” icon.

start downloading amazon prime tv show

Step 5. Find the Downloaded Amazon Videos
Just wait a few minutes, you can go to “History” section to the all downloaded Amazon Prime movies and shows. Click the “Blue Folder” icon to locate the output folder where the downloaded Amazon movies are stored.

get downloaded prime movies


How long do Amazon Prime downloads last before they expire? Generally, it’s been 30 days since it was saved. If you begin watching, you have 48 hours to finish. Fortunately, you can extend the expiration date of these downloaded Amazon videos with the help of TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader. This great tool empowers you to download and save Amazon Prime movies, TV shows, rental and purchased videos as MP4/MKV 1080p local files. Thus, you could save Amazon Prime downloads forever and watch them offline elsewhere!

How Long Amazon Prime Downloads Last

Amazon Video Downloader

Download movies and TV shows from Amazon Prime Video in MP4 or MKV format with audio track and subtitles kept. Up to 50X downloading speed. Save your favorite Amazon Prime videos to your computer for viewing offline.

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