This article is written to help you remove DRM from Amazon Prime movies and TV shows to enhance your viewing experience. With the help of Amazon Prime DRM Removal tool, you can easily remove DRM from Prime Video and save high quality videos as MP4 files.

Amazon Prime Video (or simply Prime Video) is a popular streaming video service that offers a large number of hit movies, TV shows, award-winning Amazon Originals, premium channels, and sports to its subscribers. But it restricts users from playing Amazon videos flexibly. The Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection on Amazon Prime videos prevents users from downloading and saving video content on their own devices. In this article, we will show you a simple method to remove DRM from Amazon Prime Video, and explore more about Amazon Prime Video DRM.

What is Amazon Prime Video DRM?

To ensure that only authorized users can access content and prevent illegal piracy and unauthorized distribution, DRM (digital rights management) has been added to almost all streaming services, including streaming videos, music, audiobooks, e-books, and more. The DRM ensures that streaming content can not been accessed outside its official app.

Amazon Prime Video DRM protection works by encrypting the video content. The Prime Video DRM can protect the rights of copyright holders, and is a good way to restrict the users from copying, storing, and sharing of videos.

Why Is DRM Used on Amazon Prime Video?

While DRM technology is critical to protecting Amazon Prime Video content, it also has some download limits that can adversely affect the viewer experience.

Amazon Prime Video DRM: Device Limitations and User Challenges:
1. Device & Playback Limit – The DRM strategy of Amazon Prime Video restricts content usage to certain mobile devices and OS, posing inconvenient playback. Users can only download video titles on iOS & Android devices, Windows 10 and macOS Big Sur 11.4 or above, as well as Amazon Fire tablet. Users can’t transfer the downloaded DRM-protected video content to other devices.

2. Faster Deadline in Downloaded Titles – The downloaded videos on Prime Video app will last for up to 30 days, and no more than 48 hours after your first playback. When you cancel your subscription, you will lose access Prime video downloads.

3. Challenges in Prime Video Content Sharing – DRM affects the process of sharing and copying content, making it difficult for users who want to share their favorite movies and TV shows with family or friends. Amazon’s strict terms of use could lead to further dissatisfaction among the Amazon Prime user base.

Therefore, it is necessary to remove Amazon video DRM protection. In such case, you need to use a third-party DRM Removal tool. Here we highly recommend TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader.

Use the Best Amazon Prime DRM Removal Tool

TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader is an all-round DRM removal and video downloader for Amazon Prime Video users. The software is highly compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 and Mac OS X 10.11 or later. It can help you remove DRM from Amazon Prime video and download your favorite Prime movies and TV shows, as well as rented and purchased content into compatible MP4 or MKV format.

Moreover, TunesBank comes with an intelligent and reliant searching feature, whick lets you search Prime videos using the video URL or name. To give your the perfect viewing experience, it offers dozens of audio languages and subtitle languages to download. Only in a few clicks, you can get DRM-free Prime video downloaded on your local drive. Thus, you can keep the Prime videos forever and watch them offline on any device without restrictions.

Key Features of Amazon Prime DRM Removal:

  • Remove DRM from Prime movies, shows, rented and purchased content.
  • Bypass Amazon Prime Video DRM and download limits.
  • Download any movies, shows, original content from Amazon Prime.
  • Download and save DRM-free Prime videos to PC, Mac locally.
  • Download Amazon Prime videos to popular MP4 or MKV format.
  • Faster speed and supports batch download mode.
  • Save audio tracks and subtitles in multiple languages.
  • Built-in browser, no Amazon Prime Video app needed.
  • Search Prime videos using name or keyword in search field.
  • Keep Amazon Prime videos forever without expiration.
  • Watch Prime videos offline on any devices or players freely.

Step-by-step Guide: How to Remove DRM from Prime Video

Here we will show you the detailed steps to remove Amazon video DRM and save Amazon videos to your local drive with TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader.

Step 1. Launch TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader
Download, install and launch TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader on your Mac or Windows PC. To access Amazon Prime Video, you need to log into your Amazon account on TunesBank.

log into amazon prime

Step 2. Search and Add Amazon Videos
For adding the Amazon videos, you can go to Amazon Prime Video app or website, copy and paste the video URL into the search box of the downloader.

paste prime video url

Also, you can enter the video name in the search box, hit “Search” icon, TunesBank will then present all the search results and download icon for you.

enter name to search prime video

Step 3. Customize Output Settings
Next, you need to set the output settings for Prime videos. Click the “Setting” button at the upper right corner to open the settings window. From where, you can choose the Video Format (MP4 or MKV), Video Codec (H254 or H265), Video Quality (from Low to High), Output Folder, Audio and Subtitle Language, Download Speed, etc.

set output format

Step 4. Start Removing DRM from Prime Videos
Once setup is complete, click the “Download” button to start Amazon Video DRM Removal and downloading videos to MP4 or MKV format.

start downloading prime video

For TV shows, you need to choose the titles and seasons you want to download, then click “Download” to go on.

start downloading prime tv shows

Step 5. Find DRM-free Prime Videos
When it is done, you can get the non-DRM Prime videos under “History” section. Click the “Blue Folder” icon to open the output folder and enjoy them freely.

get downloaded prime video

FAQs About Amazon Prime Video DRM Protection

❓ Is Amazon Prime Video DRM protected?
Yes. Either the streaming content or rented and purchased content on Amazon Prime are DRM-protected. You can only access them on Prime Video app or web player using your account.

❓ Are Amazon movies DRM-free?
No. Amazon places the DRM protection on its Prime movies, TV shows and other original content.

❓ Is It legal to Remove Amazon Video DRM?
If you remove Amazon video DRM for business use, it is illegal and you may also face fines. If you use it for personal use, such as watching Prime video on your own device, then it is legal to do so.

❓ Can I move my purchased Amazon movie to other computers?
You can’t move the DRM-protected Prime movies to other devices or OS. After removing DRM from Amazon movies and saving them as MP4 files, you can do so.

Remove DRM from Prime Video

Amazon Video Downloader

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