Would you like to listen to Spotify Music in your car while driving? This post will cover 14 ways to play Spotify Music in the car online and offline, no matter how old it is. You can get Spotify music to play in a car via USB drive/CDs!

“Spotify won’t play through Bluetooth in my car. How do I play Spotify through my car radio?”

“It’s so strange that I can’t connect Spotify to my car. Is it possible to save Spotify songs to USB for playing in the car?”

Planning a road trip? Listening to music in the car makes your boring road trips fun. As one of the most popular streaming music platforms, Spotify offers various high-quality songs to users which can help you relieve stress and fatigue. Nowadays, some modern cars come with a Spotify app pre-installed. You can directly play Spotify music in your car via Spotify app! For old cars, there are still many people seeking for a way to play Spotify in the car. In this article, we’ll introduce 14 ways to listen to Spotify in your car, no matter how old it is.

There are many ways about how to play Spotify in a car. The best way to get Spotify music in your car is to use a USB drive or a burning CD. Thanks to this powerful third-party Spotify Music Converter, it enables to download Spotify songs & playlists with a Free account, and convert them into MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV files with 320kbps high quality. So then you could save Spotify songs to USB Drive, or burn them into CDs to play in your car!

Part 1. Common Ways to Play Spotify in the Car

1.1 Play Spotify Music in Car with Built-in Spotify App

The easiest way to listen to Spotify Music in your vehicle is use the Spotify app. With the continuous development of technology and information, some modern cars have pre-installed the Spotify application, including Jaguar Land Rover, BMW, MINI, TESLA, Volvo, etc. You can check whether your car model comes with the Spotify app. If yes, you can play your favorite Spotify songs directly on the Spotify app in the car, just like using Spotify app on your mobile device!

play spotify in car

1.2 Stream Spotify Music in Car via Bluetooth

Most of car stereos have a built-in Bluetooth function nowadays. That is to say, you may also get Spotify music to play in a car via Bluetooth. You can easily connect your phone to your car via Bluetooth. Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone and your car respectively, then match them each other. After matching, you can open the Spotify App and start to listening.

TunesBank Audible Converter not only can help you remove DRM from Audible books, but also enables you to converts AA/AAX audiobooks to lossless M4A, MP3, FLAC, WAV format for listening on any device. It also offers an option to customize output quality to let you enjoy the perfect listening experience.

Part 2. Best Ways to Play Spotify in the Car Offline [Recommend]

The above methods let you play Spotify Music in the car online. What if you don’t have WiFi or network connection? As you know, only Premium users can listen to Spotify Music in the car offline, how can Free users use Spotify Music in the car for offline playback? What if you don’t have phones nearby or your device cannot be compatible with car stereo? Don’t worry, the alternative methods is to transfer Spotify music to USB to play in the car.

However, there is no direct way to transfer Spotify to USB stick, because DRM encryption is added to all Spotify tracks, which prevents users from copying all downloaded Spotify songs to non-authorized USB drive or other devices. In other words, these songs only available in Spotify App. To solve this problem, the best way is to use TunesBank Spotify Converter to unlock the DRM encryption and convert Spotify Music to MP3 format supported by USB drive.

TunesBank Spotify Music Converter is a popular tool for both Premium and Free users. It not only can legally unlock DRM restrictions from Spotify tracks, but also help you easily download and convert Spotify Music to MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC format without any quality loss. What’s more, TunesBank converter is able to preserve ID3 tags information such as artwork, name, album, artist during the conversion. In addition, it supports batch conversion and runs at up to 10X conversion speed, which means you can convert a whole Spotify playlist in a while. This is a one-stop tool that helps you download and enjoy Spotify music with no limitations. You may download any music content with the integrated Spotify Web Player without Spotify app installed. After which, you can transfer the converted Spotify songs to USB drive, MP3 players, PSP, etc.

Highlights of TunesBank Spotify Music Converter:

  • Legally unlock DRM encryption from Spotify tracks.
  • Download Spotify high-quality songs for Premium & Free users.
  • Built in Music Player for direct playing Spotify music content online.
  • Convert Spotify Music to MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC format losslessly.
  • Preserve ID3 tags and metadata info like title, artist, album, etc.
  • Built-in Spotify Web Player, no Spotify Music Desktop App needed.
  • Transfer converted Spotify Music to USB drive, burn them to CD, etc.
  • Enjoy Spotify songs on any devices without Spotify App and network.

2.1 Convert Spotify Music to MP3 Files with TunesBank

The detailed tutorial will guide you how to download and convert Spotify to MP3, then you can transfer the converted Spotify Music to USB drive effortlessly.

Step 1. Run TunesBank Spotify Music Converter
Before you start, you need to install TunesBank Spotify Music Converter on your computer, then launch it and login your Spotify account on the converter.

launch spotify music converter

Step 2. Add Spotify Songs to TunesBank Converter
With a built-in Spotify web player, you can browse and search any Spotify song. Or play any Spotify song online.

add spotify songs

Drop the songs or playlist to the “+” icon in the right side.

add spotify playlist

Step 3. Choose MP3 as Output Format
Press the “Convert all files to:” button to choose MP3 as the output format. MP3 is popular and can be compatible with USB drive.

select mp3 format

Step 4. Adjust Output Settings
Hit “Preferences” then turn to “Advanced”, you can set the Bit rate, Sample rate as you wanted.

aujust output settings

Step 5. Start to Convert Spotify to MP3 for USB
Tap “Convert All” button to start converting Spotify Music to MP3.

convert spotify songs to mp3

Step 6. Get Spotify MP3 Songs
After converting, you can view the unprotected Spotify songs in “Finished” section, click “View Output File” to open it, then you can transfer them to USB flash drive.

get mp3 music files

2.2 Play Spotify Music in the Car Offline via USB Drive

After getting the MP3 Spotify songs, insert a USB disk to computer. Copy and paste the converted files to the USB drive folder. Then insert the USB drive into the car stereo system and start to play Spotify music in your car!

transfer spotify to usb

2.3 Listen to Spotify Music in the Car via SD Card

Well, if you don’t have a USB drive, you can also play Spotify in your car via SD card. You should know that when you use an SD card with a card reader, it becomes a portable USB drive. After converting Spotify Music to MP3 with TunesBank Spotify Music Converter, you can save the Spotify MP3 songs to SD card. How to do it? You can put the SD card into the card reader, then insert the SD card reader into your PC, copy and paste the converted Spotify MP3 files to the SD card. When finished, eject the SD card. After that, you can insert the SD card (use with SD card reader together) to the USB port in the car, then you can start playing Spotify Music in your car!

2.4 Burn Spotify Music to CD to Play in the Car

Besides USB drive and SD card, you can also play Spotify in the car via CDs. First, you need to use TunesBank Spotify Music Converter to convert Spotify playlist to MP3/WAV format. Second, burn Spotify songs into a CD on iTunes. Here is how:

1) Firstly, convert Spotify songs and playlist to WAV format via TunesBank Spotify Music Converter. (Please refer to the 2.1 tutorial guide)

2) Next, import the converted Spotify Music to iTunes library, then insert the blank CD into the CD-ROM on computer.

3) Finally, select the imported Spotify playlist and hit “Burn Playlist to Disc” > “Burn” in iTunes to start to burning. For more details, you can refer to How to Burn Spotify Music to CD.

burn playlist to cd via itunes

Now, you can insert the CD into the car CD system, then you can freely enjoy Spotify Music in your car via CD player.

Part 3. Use Spotify Music in Car via Car Play Connect

3.1 Stream Spotify in the Car with Apple CarPlay

For iOS users, you can use the Apple CarPlay to play music coming from your iPhone. Apple CarPlay is a car assistant systems which can help you bring Spotify to an older car.

spotify on apple carplay

Firstly, log into the Spotify App on your iPhone. Next, connect iPhone via USB cable to the supported car audio system. Lastly, Spotify App will shows up in the car audio system, and you can start to stream Spotify Music in the car.

Note: Apple CarPlay can only support iPhone 5 and later & iOS 7.1 and higher.

3.2 Stream Spotify in the Car via Android Auto

Android Auto is just like Apple CarPlay, but for Android devices pairing. Most older cars offer Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, so you can play Spotify in an older car without Bluetooth pairing.

play Spotify in car via Android Auto

Run Spotify App on your Android phone and login your account. Then connect your Android phone to the car audio system which is compatible with Android Auto. Now you can enjoy Spotify Music in the car with ease.

Note: Android Auto only workable for Android Lollipop version 5.0 or above.

3.3 Play Spotify in Car through Aux-In Audio Cable

If your car stereo has an Auxiliary input cable, you can connect your smartphone directly through a cable. It’s also a workable method to play Spotify music in the car.

play spotify in a car

Just connect your smartphone to the car stereo by using Aux-In cable.Then turn on the Aux-In channel in the car stereo to use Spotify Music in the car.

Part 4. Other Ways to Play Spotify Music in Car (Limited)

4.1 Play Spotify Music in the Car via Parrot (Premiums Only)

Parrot Asteroid is an in-vehicle multimedia infotainment system that provides customers with web-based maps, navigation, mobile apps, digital-media playback, and music streaming through a familiar interface. It’s just like using an Android device. More importantly, it has a native Spotify client. More importantly, it has a native Spotify client. This means you can play Spotify Music in the car through Parrot without using your phone. You only need to download and install the Spotify application to your Parrot Asteroid Smart through the Asteroid market, and then log in to your Spotify Premium account. Finally, you can listen to the downloaded Spotify songs offline in your car.

parrot asteroid

4.2 Enjoy Spotify Music in Car with FM Transmitter

For some old cars, what should you do if there is no Bluetooth, USB or auxiliary input? Don’t worry, you can use the FM transmitter to stream Spotify Music in the car. You can plug the FM transmitter into the car’s 12V lighter socket, then use USB cable to connect your phone with the USB port of the FM transmitter, and connect to the FM transmitter via phone Bluetooth. This will send music from your phone to the device, and then the device will broadcast on the FM frequency. Tune your car radio to the FM frequency and play Spotify songs on your phone, so that the audio output of your phone will be output through the car stereo.

stream spotify music in car

But it is a bit expensive, selling for $18 on Amazon. So why not try TunesBank Spotiy Music Converter to convert all your favourite Spotify songs to MP3 and save in a USB drive?

4.3 Play Spotify Music in the Car with Spotify Hardware

After years of waiting, Spotify finally launched its first Spotify hardware in Apr, 2021, named Car Thing (sell for $80). It is a car smart assistant and a smart player for your car! Car Thing is specially designed for old cars that lack an Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and those who don’t want to change a new car.

enjoy spotify in a car

Spotify creates its own voice assistant, just say “Hey Spotify”, and ask for the artist, song, genre or playlist you want, then it will begin to play Spotify music in your car.

4.4 Play Spotify Music in the Car Using Smart Speakers

1 # Ask Echo Auto / Alexa Assistant to Play Spotify Music in Car

If you pursue high-quality Spotify Music, then you can listen to Spotify Music in the car through a smart speaker. Amazon Alexa is now available in recent BMW and Mini cars. This means you may set up Amazon Alexa car integration and ask Alexa assistant to play Spotify music in car from Echo Auto, just like at home!

enjoy spotify music in car

2 # Play Spotify Music in Car via Most Smart Speakers

After getting high-quality MP3 songs from Spotify with the help of TunesBank Spotiy Music Converter (refer to Part 2), you can save the Spotify MP3 songs to a USB drive, then you can insert the USB drive to the USB port of smart speaker to play the Spotify Music, and carry the smart speaker to your car! So that you can listen to Spotify Music in the car! However, it is worth noting that the Spotify car thing costs at least $79.99. Compared with the TunesBank Spotify Music Converter (costs $79.95, lifetime), it costs more money!


We introduced you to 14 effective ways to play Spotify Music in the car above. From built-in Spotify app, CarPlay, Android Auto, cables and Bluetooth, to USB Flash Drive, SD card, CD, Parrot, FM transmitter, Spotify Hardware and even Smart Speaker, here is what you need to know. However, only Premium users can play Spotify Music in the car in offline mode, Free users cannot listen to them offline. What if there is no phone nearby or network connection? So why not try TunesBank Spotify Music Converter? With it, you can convert Spotify Music and playlist to MP3, WAV and other popular formats with high quality, so that you can transfer Spotify to a USB flash drive/SD card or burn Spotify to a CD to listen to Spotify in the car offline anytime, anywhere! In addition, you could transfer the converted Spotify MP3 songs to any device and player for offline playback!

Play Spotify Music in the Car


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