Are you unable to play music using Spotify desktop app on Windows 11? Looking for a way to fix Spotify app not opening on Windows? This complete guide will show you 8 possible solutions to fix spotify not working on windows 11 issue.

“Spotify app no longer works on Windows 11.” — from Spotify Community

Spotify music is one of the most popular and successful music streaming services in the world. It allows users to stream music on Spotify desktop app, Spotify mobile app and Spotify web player. Windows 11 has arrived, and most users upgrade to the new Windows 11 OS. However, many users of Spotify Music have encountered the problem of not being able to play Spotify songs on Windows computers after upgrading to the Windows 11 OS. What to do when Spotify not Working on Windows 11? If you also have the same problem that Spotify is not working on Windows 11, then you can follow our guide. Here we will explain the reason and introduce you with 8 ways to fix Spotify not working on Windows PC, incuding Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7.

Part 1. Why is Spotify Not Working on Windows 11?

Many Spotify users complained on the Spotify Community that the Spotify app no longer works on Windows 11 error. Don’t worry, you are not alone. It is a common issue, even the most efficient applications have problems from time to time. One of the most common problems is system corruption, lack of space, and incompatibility on Windows 11.

● Spotify starts in the background
● Spotify installation is corrupted
● Spotify is blocked by another app
● Possible system error or damage
● Lack of Space on Windows 11
● Incompatibility on Windows 11

Part 2. 7 Solutions to Fix Spotify Not Working on Windows 11

# 1. Restart Spotify App Entirely

To resolve Spotify not working on Windows 11, you may restart Spotify app on your computer entirely. First, log out of your Spotify account in app. Next, right-click on an empty space in your taskbar and select “Task Manager”. Then select the Spotify process tree in the “Process” tab, and click “End Task”. After that, restart the Spotify app and log in with your account.

close Spotify desktop app

# 2. Reinstall Spotify on Windows 11

Spotify program errors or incompatibility may cause Spotify to fail to open. The easiest and most direct remedy is to solve this problem by reinstalling the application. Try to uninstall the Spotify application, and then reinstall the correct version in Microsoft Store or Spotify official website.

Reinstall Spotify on Windows

# 3. Prefer UWP App Package

On Windows 11, you can either download the .exe file or visit the Microsoft Store to install the Spotify desktop app. What is less known is that you can also download Spotify app in UWP (Universal Windows Platform) format from the Microsoft Store. Some users have successfully solved the problem that Spotify not working on Windows 11 in this way.

· Turn to the Microsoft Store.
· Locate the Spotify app in the Search Bar.
· Click on the Get button and confirm your action.

install spotify in Microsoft Store

# 4. Disable Hardware Acceleration

Most people turn on hardware acceleration on the Spotify desktop application to make it run faster and smoother. However, this will reduce your streaming quality and cause errors such as “Spotify not working on Windows 11”, so it’s best to turn it off. To do this, please, open the Spotify app on Windows 11, tap on the 3 dots in the upper left corner and choose “View”, uncheck the “Hardware Acceleration”.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

# 5. Delete Unwanted Files/Apps to Free up Space

If you fail to download Spotify music on Windows 11, you’d better check if there is enough storage space. In this case, you can delete unnecessary file data and uninstall infrequently used applications. In addition, you also need to check whether your network or Wi-Fi is strong and stable.

# 6. Play Spotify Music on Spotify Web Player

If you can’t open Spotify app on Windows 11, you can turn to the Spotify Web Player. With this player, you no longer have to install the Spotify app on your Windows 11 to access your music. Just open your browser, go to, log in with your Spotify account, then you’re ready to listen to your favorite tracks.

play Spotify on Spotify Web Player

# 7. Degrade the Operating System to Windows 10

If none of the above methods can solve Spotify not working on Windows 11 problem, you can consider downgrading the system. Try to downgrade from Windows 11 to Windows 10. And then reinstall the Spotify app for Windows 10.

Part 3. Best Solution to Free Download Spotify Music on Windows 11

Still can’t open Spotify app on Windows 11? Or can’t play any Spotify song or album on Windows 11? Don’t worry, in this part, we will show you the ultimate solution to fix the issue of Spotify Windows 11 not working. — You can play Spotify music on other music players on Windows PC. As all Spotify songs are DRM protected OGG Vorbis format, to play Spotify music without Spotify app, you need to ask help from a Spotify Music Downloader. Here we highly recommend TunesBank Spotify Music Converter.

TunesBank Spotify Music Converter for Windows is an all-in-one Spotify music downloader, Spotify music converter, as well as Spotify DRM Removal tool. It is able to download Spotify music based on Spotify web player, without having the Spotify app and Premium account! Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the Spotify app that can’t be opened on Windows 11! In addition, it lets you convert Spotify songs and playlists to plain MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV formats with zero quality loss. After which, you could import and play Spotify MP3 songs on any music players, such as Windows Media Player, iTunes, VLC Media Player, MusicBee, etc. Also, you can transfer Spotify songs to your MP3 player, Sony Walkman, iPod Nano, smartphone and more devices for offline playback.

Easy Guide to Download Spotify Song to Windows 11 for Free

Step 1. Install TunesBank Spotify Music Converter for Windows 11
Download and install TunesBank Spotify Music Converter for Windows 11. Launch the program and you will see its simple interface. Click “Open the Spotify Web Player” and log into your Spotify Free/Premium account.

launch Spotify Music Converter

Step 2. Add Spotify Songs to TunesBank
Find the songs, albums or playlist that you want to download, and then drag it to the “+” icon.

Add Spotify Songs

After importing the songs, click “Select All:” at the bottom.
select Spotify Songs

select Spotify Songs

Step 3. Customize Output Settings
To play Spotify music on any player and device, please select “MP3” format for all selected Spotify songs from the “Convert all files to:” option.

select mp3 format

You can also customize the bitrate, sample rate and output path. Just go to menu bar and choose “Preferences” option.

aujust output settings

Step 4. Free Download Spotify Song to Windows 11
Click the “Convert All” button to export Spotify songs to local drive.

convert spotify songs to mp3

Once done, tap “Finished” tab to get the unprotected Spotify MP3 songs. Now you can play the Spotify songs through Windows Media Player!

play spotify music on Windows Media Player

Extract Tips: Download Spotify Music on Windows 11 with Premium

With a Spotify Premium account, you are able to download music from Spotify for offline listening. Follow the simple steps to download Spotify songs on Spotify desktop app. For mobile users, you can read on how to download Spotify music on iOS & Android device.

1. Open Spotify desktop app on your Windows 11, and log into your Premium account.

2. Find the playlist that you want to download, and click on the “Download” button.

3. After that, you are able to listen to Spotify music in offline mode on your Windows 11.

download Spotify Music on windows 11


In short, to solve Spotify not working on Windows 11, the best way is to play Spotify music without using Spotify app. TunesBank Spotify Music Converter is fully Compatible with Windows 11. TunesBank Spotify Music Converter enables you to play Spotify music on Windows Media player by downloading Spotify songs as MP3 files. Besides, it lets you enjoy Spotify music on any music player and device as you like. Why not have a try?

Fix Spotify App Not Working on Windows 11


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