How to Transfer Spotify Music to SoundCloud

How To transfer playlists from Spotify to SoundCloud? Due to Spotify DRM restrictions, you can’t transfer Spotify tracks to your SoundCloud account. Here we will show you the best way to move your Spotify music library to SoundCloud. By the way, we will also give you an extra tips to add songs from SoundCloud to Spotify.


How to transfer music from Spotify to SoundCloud? For many reasons, you may want to switch from Spotify to SoundCloud or other music platforms. However, there is no feature on Spotify or SoundCloud to transfer your songs to another. In fact, Spotify and SoundCloud are two different music streaming services. You can regard them as competitor, just like YouTube and Netflix.

transfer Spotify to SoundCloud

You can’t transfer Spotify tracks to your SoundCloud account directly because all tracks on Spotify are protected by DRM. But there are always some Spotify songs you like that you can’t find on SoundCloud. Or you don’t want to repeatedly add and download playlists on SoundCloud. Don’t worry, this article will introduce two effective ways to help you move Spotify music to SoundCloud. In addition, you will get extra tips to add songs from SoundCloud to Spotify.

Part 1: Transfer Spotify Playlist to SoundCloud Online

There are various of internet websites that can help you import your music and playlists from Spotify to SoundCloud, such as Soundiiz. You can refer to the following guide to transfer your playlists and favorites from Spotify to SoundCloud.

transfer Spotify music to SoundCloud

Step 1. Go to Soundiiz official website and click “Start now” to sign in with your account. For new users, you can create a new account.

Step 2. Pick the Spotify as the source service, and connect to Spotify.

Step 3. In the left side, select the Playlists categories you want to transfer.

Step 4. Choose SoundCloud as the destination service and connect this platform.

Step 5. Wait patiently for the end of the transfer process.

We need to point out that if you can’t find songs in Spotify on SoundCloud, you won’t be able to listen to them on SoundCloud. What is the best way to transfer Spotify music and playlist to SoundCloud? Keep reading!

Part 2: Import Spotify Playlist to SoundCloud (Recommend)

You can move Spotify music to SoundCloud on some internet sites. But you don’t really own the songs cause all Spotify music are added DRM protection. Even Spotify Premium subscribers can’t take out any songs from the Spotify app – all Spotify users can only listen to Spotify music in the Spotify app. Is there any way to export Spotify songs to local computer and then import to SoundCloud? The answer is Yes, you can convert Spotify to SoundCloud. What you need is a professional Spotify Music Converter tool such as TunesBank Spotify Music Converter.

TunesBank Spotify Music Converter is born to help you remove DRM from Spotify music and download Spotify music for free. By adopting outstanding decryption technology, it enables you to convert Spotify music, albums, podcasts and playlist to MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV with 100% lossless quality at 5X faster speed. After converting Spotify music to MP3, you will be able to import Spotify music to Soundcloud, Apple Music, YouTube, Pandora, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal, Google Play Music and any other music platforms for enjoying. In addition, you can also transfer Spotify music to MP3 players, Sony Walkman, iPod Nano, smartphone and other portable devices for offline playback.

Features of TunesBank Spotify Music Converter:

  • Remove DRM protection and ads from Spotify music.
  • Download Spotify songs, playlists, and albums for free.
  • Convert Spotify music to MP3/M4A/FLAC/WAV losslessly.
  • Keep lossless music quality, ID3 tags and metadata info.
  • Save Spotify music to computer as local files forever.
  • Highly compatibility; Batch conversion; 5X faster speed.
  • Transfer Spotify music to any music platform and players.
  • Listen to Spotify music on MP3 players, iPods, iOS, Android, etc.

Guide: How to Transfer Music from Spotify to SoundCloud

Here is the detailed guidance on how to transfer your Spotify tracks, playlists, favorites, albums and artist to Soundcloud. First you need to convert all your Spotify music/playlist to MP3 files using TunesBank Spotify Music Converter, so that you could move your entire Spotify music library to SoundCloud.

Step 1. Install & Launch TunesBank Spotify Music Converter
TunesBank Spotify Music Converter is available on both Mac and Windows. Compared with Mac version, TunesBank Spotify Music Converter for Windows is much easier to operate. It works based on the Spotify web player, no Spotify app is required. Please download and install TunesBank Spotify Music Converter on your Mac/PC computer.

On Windows, please click “Open the Spotify web player” and login to your Spotify Free/Premium account.

launch program

For Mac users, when you start the TunesBank program, Spotify app will run with it.

launch program on mac

Step 2. Add Spotify Tracks/Playlist to TunesBank
Find the tracks or playlist you like on the library, and directly drag the songs/playlist to the “+” icon. After importing songs, check the “Select All:” button at the bottom.

add spotify songs to program

For Mac users, you need to drag and drop the songs/playlist from Spotify app to the TunesBank main screen. Or you can copy the URL of Spotify playlist on Spotify app, then paste the URL to TunesBank, and tap “Add File”.

add spotify songs to program

Step 3. Adjust Audio Parameter
After uploading all your Spotify music to TunesBank, you can select output format for Spotify songs from the “Convert all files to:” option. To add Spotify music to SoundCloud, MP3 format is perfect. Even better, TunesBank lets you set different format for each song.

select output format

By the way , you can also go to the menu bar and choose “Preference” to adjust the bitrate, sample rate, output path, output format, etc.

change output settings

Step 4. Start to Convert Spotify Music
Finally, hit on “Convert All” button to start converting Spotify music to MP3 320kbps high quality.

start converting spotify to mp3

When finished, you can tap “Finished” tab, and click “View Output File” to local the output Spotify songs.

get converted Spotify MP3 songs

Step 5. Import Convert Spotify Songs to SoundCloud
Navigate to and sign in to your SoundCloud account. Click “Upload” in the upper right corner. Then directly drag and drop the converted Spotify songs to SoundCloud screen. Wait a few seconds, and your Spotify music will be uploaded to SoundCloud. Tap “Save” button to save Spotify songs on SoundCloud.

import music to soundcloud

Now you can listen to Spotify music on SoundCloud anytime!

Part 3: Extra Tips: Transfer SoundCloud Music to Spotify

If you subscribe to SoundCloud Go or SoundCloud Go+, then you are able to download music from SoundCloud and listen to SoundCloud music offline. However, you can’t save SoundCloud music as local files. If you want to transfer SoundCloud music to Spotify, you can use 4kFinder to download SoundCloud music to MP3 audios. 4kFinder SoundCloud Music Downloader supports to download music and video from 1000+ video sharing websites.

Just copy & paste the URL of SoundCloud music video into 4kFinder’s search bar, and select MP3 320kbps quality, then hit on “Download” button.

download soundcloud music to mp3

After that, you can import the downloaded SoundCloud music to Spotify or any other music platforms.

import SoundCloud music to Spotify


There are two easy ways to move Spotify music to SoundCloud for listening. You can use an online tool to transfer Spotify music to your SoundCloud account. However, if you cannot find the songs in Spotify on SoundCloud, you will not be able to listen to them on SoundCloud. Therefore, the best way to import Spotify music into SoundCloud is to convert Spotify playlists to MP3 via TunesBank Spotify Music Converter. Batch conversion, 5X speed, and lossless output quality are very friendly and convenient. In this way, you will be able to transfer Spotify playlists to SounCloud, Apple Music, Amazon Music and any other music platforms, players and devices.

Transfer Spotify Music to SoundCloud