Looking for a way to convert Apple Music to FLAC lossless format? This article will show you how to convert Apple Music songs from M4P to FLAC, helping you easily get lossless Apple Music FLAC audios.

Music is an indispensable part of daily life. If you are an Apple Music fan, then you should know that Apple Music are in M4P format encrypted with DRM which can only be played on authorized devices. To play Apple Music on any device, you need to convert Apple Music songs to universal formats. When is comes to converting Apple Music to universal formats, FLAC is undoubtedly the best choice to balance size and quality. But how to convert Apple Music M4P songs to FLAC? If you are looking for a way to convert Apple Music to FLAC audio format? Here, you may need an Apple Music to FLAC Converter. Before learning how to convert Apple Music songs to FLAC, you need to know some knowledge about FLAC. Let’s go.

Why Converting Apple Music to FLAC?

FLAC, the full name is Free Lossless Audio Codec. It uses lossless compression and does not change the quality of compressed audio, so it is very suitable for CD and other archive formats. Compared with the commonly used MP3 audio format, FLAC has better sound quality, the same as the original audio. Compared with WAV, FLAC takes up less space. Therefore, in order to get a better listening experience, it is best to convert Apple Music to lossless FLAC.

To convert Apple Music songs to FLAC, you can rely on an Apple Music Converter. There are hundreds of free or paid audio converters on the market, but which one to choose? Look here, TunesBank Apple Music Converter is exactly what you need!

Great Apple Music to FLAC Converter: Convert Apple Music to FLAC Losslessly

TunesBank Apple Music Converter stands out among all Apple Music Converters with its fast and lossless conversion. This great tool not only helps you break Apple Music DRM restriction, but also enables you to convert Apple Music to FLAC, MP3, M4A and WAV formats with lossless quality on Windows or Mac computer. In addition, it also supports to convert iTunes purchased M4P music, iTunes M4B audiobooks and Audible AA/AAX audiobooks to lossless audios. After conversion, it will keep all ID tags and metadata of each song, including title, artist, album, track number, genre, etc., and you can edit the ID3 tags as needed. In this way, you can copy the Apple Music FLAC files to any device for offline enjoying, or even burn Apple Music songs to a CD!

Key Features of TunesBank Apple Music to FLAC Converter:

  • Unlock DRM from Apple Music, iTunes Music, Audiobook.
  • Convert Apple Music songs to FLAC, MP3, M4A and WAV.
  • Convert iTunes Music, iTunes Audiobook and Audible Audiobook.
  • Save Apple Music as FLAC files with lossless audio quality.
  • Preserve original audio quality, ID3 tags and all metadata.
  • Can extract FLAC audios from iTunes videos and movies.
  • Upload Apple Music to iTunes and burn Apple Music to a CD.
  • Enjoy Apple Music songs on any device without internet connection.

Steps on How to Convert Apple Music to FLAC

TunesBank Apple Music Converter is easy-to-use, please get this software downloaded on your Mac or PC before start. Meanwhile, you can add the Apple Music tracks you want to convert to the library in advance.

Step 1. Launch TunesBank Apple Music Converter
First of all, launch TunesBank Apple Music Converter on the desktop. At the same time, the iTunes app or Apple Music app (on macOS 10.15 Catalina or later) will automatically open. As you can see, the design of the program is somewhat similar to the iTunes interface, so it is easy to operate.

launch the converter and sign in Apple ID

Step 2. Select Apple Music Tracks
You can select Apple Music tracks by clicking the “Playlist” or “Music”from the left menu, and checking the front box of each track you want to convert in the right panel.

add Apple Music playlist

Step 3. Choose FLAC as the Output Format
Go to the “Output Settings” section at the bottom of the interface, you can choose the output format as FLAC, and other parameters like bitrate (up to 320kbps), output folder, sample rate, channel, etc.

choose flac format

Tips: The conversion speed on Mac can up to 5 times, and Windows version can up to 10 times. You can adjust the conversion speed in the menu bar.

Step 4. Convert Apple Music from M4P to FLAC
Finally, press on the “Convert” button to start to convert Apple Music files to FLAC losslessly. This powerful tool supports batch conversion, during the conversion process, you can turn back to “Library” to continue adding more tracks.

Convert Apple Music to flac

Step 5. View Converted Apple Music FLAC Files
After conversion is completed, you can go to “Finished” section to view the well converted Apple Music FLAC audio files.

view output flac files

Congratulations! You got the lossless Apple Music FLAC audios! That’s to say, you can copy them to your music players and devices for playback! No network connection or Apple Music app is required, and you can listen to your favorite Apple Music songs on your device at will!

Convert Apple Music to FLAC


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