Are you finding a way to listen to Audible offline? In this article, we will introduce you how to play Audible books offline with Audible App, and play Audible books offline without any restrictions by using an excellent Audible downloader – TunesBank Audible Converter.

“Listen to audiobooks can make me relax and I always listen to Audible online. Can I play Audible books offline because I’m going to take a long flight next week?”

Audible audiobooks have brought many wonderful contents to our lives. If you enjoy audiobooks at home with WiFi, the Audible Cloud player can meet your needs. But if you want to listen to audiobooks while commuting, driving, or flying long distances, cellular data will incur a lot of costs. Under such circumstance, you had better to download and play Audible offline. In this article, we will show you how to play Audible books offline and online, so that you can put audiobooks from Audible on iPod/iPad/iPhone and any other players and devices without limitation.

Part 1. Common Methods to Listen to Audible Offline

1) Listen to Audible Offline with Audible App

Way 1. Play Audible Books on Computer

As we all know, Audible audiobooks are encoded as .aa or .aax files with DRM protection, which protects Audible files and prevent them being copied or played on unauthorized media players. Thus, you can only play Audible books on specific players and devices that support to the Audible ecosystem, which brings a lot of inconvenience to users. Luckily, you can use Audible App to download and play Audible books offline. Audible App is suitable for all major operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. Next, we will show you how to download and play Audible offline.

download audible for windows 10 app

Way 2. Listen to Audible Books Offline on Mobile Devices
Step 1. Download, install the Audible App from App Store to your phone, then login with your account.

audible for ios appp

Step 2. Hit on “Store” to browse audiobooks and purchase them as you like. Then go to the “Library” and you will see your books. Press the book cover to download them.

Step 3. After downloading, you can listen Audible offline when there is no network connection or airplane mode.

2) Play Audible Books Offline on Computer

Way 1. Play Audible Offline by using Audible Manager

Step 1. Download, install the Audible Manager.

Step 2. Press “File” turn to “Add Audio Files”, then you can find the downloaded Audible books folder. Import these files into Audible Manager.

Step 3. Then you can get the Audible books. You can listen to Audible books offline.

Way 2. Listen to Audible Offline via Audible Download Manager(iTunes and Windows Media Player)

Step 1. After downloading and installing, launch Audible Download Manager. Hit “Options” > “Activate PC”, then log into your Audible account info in the pop-up window, and then a new window will show up saying the “Activation of your PC succeeded”.

Step 2. Back to the main interface of “Audible Download Manager”, press “General Settings” and check iTunes and Windows Media Player are selected in “After download import files to” section. And hit on “Save Settings”.

Step 4. Then the Audible books will be imported to iTunes and Windows Media Player. In this way, you can play Audible books offline through iTunes and Windows Media Player.

Way 3. Play Audible Books Offline with iTunes/Book on Mac
Mac users can play Audible via iTunes directly, and can even listen to Audible books on Apple Books by using Mac Catalina 10.15. For more detailed, you can refer to How to Transfer Audible Books to iTunes.

Step 1. Download Audible books to your Mac computer from In the downloaded folder, right click the book title and choose “Open with Books(default)”.

Step 2. There will be a pop-up window to let you authorize the computer. Touch “Yes” to login with your Audible account.

Step 3. Hit “Activate Now” button to completed authorization. After that, you can play Audible books offline through iTunes or Apple Books.

Part 2. Best Method to Play Audible Offline on Any Device

In the previous part, we introduced the common methods of how to play Audible books offline. They all have a same feature, that is even if you download and install this application, you still need to get Audible authorization, otherwise you won’t be able to download and listen to Audible books offline and online. Worse, you can’t transfer downloaded Audible books to non-Audible-approval devices such as iPod Shuffle, Sony Walkman, Creative Zen, etc. due to DRM restrictions.

To save you the hassle, here we recommend a one-stop Audible Converter to help you download Audible audiobooks to local drive without any limitation, so that you can play Audible books offline freely.

TunesBank Audible Converter is a one-stop Audible books downloader. It can not only get the rid off the DRM from Audible audiobooks, but also download Auidble AA/AAX files as MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC without install iTunes App and Audible authentication during the downloading process. That is to say, by using TunesBank, you don’t have to download any other applications to get unprotected Audible books. What’s more, TunesBank can support you to remain ID3 tags and chapters info in the output files including book title, author, artist, date, etc. Amazingly, its downloading speed can reach to 100X and allows batch downloading, which means you can download a several hours audiobooks in a swift. And its Split feature is a high level that other converters on the market cannot achieve. It supports to divide a large Audible file into smaller parts by chapter and time. In short, TunesBank can meet all your requirements for downloading Audible audiobooks, and you can listen to Audible books on any devices offline.

Core Features of TunesBank Audible Converter:

  • Get the rid off the DRM from Audible audiobooks with ease.
  • Download Audible AA or AAX to MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC losslessly.
  • No need to install iTunes App and get Audible authentication.
  • Run up to 100X lightning speed and supports to batch downloading.
  • Preserve original audio quality, ID3 tags and chapter info in the output files.
  • Separate Audible books into smaller segments via chapters or time frame.
  • Get unprotected Audible files and play Audible books offline and online.

Tutorial: Download Audible Books for Offline Playback

Step 1. Import Audible Books to TunesBank
After download and install the software, launch the TunesBank Audible Converter. You can directly drag and drop the Audible books to the main interface of TunesBank. Or you can press “Add Files” button to import downloaded Audible files to the software.

launch TunesBank audible converter

Step 2. Customize the Output Format
Hit on “Output Format” to choose output format, including MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC. Here we take the MP3 as an example. In this part, you can edit the parameters, like Sample Rate, Bit Rate and even split audiobooks according to your requirements.

select mp3 format

Step 3. Start to Download Audible Books
If all settings are completed, tap “Convert All” button to download Audible audiobooks with super fast speed.

convert from audible to mp3

Step 4. Get the Unprotected Audible Books
When downloading is done, hit on “Completed” then switch to “Open File” to open the folder with DRM-free Audible audiobooks. And now you can transfer them to any device and player for offline playback.

vide conversion history

Video Guide – How to Download and Convert Audible AA/AAX books to MP3

The video guide below can help you learn more about how to download Audible to MP3 with TunesBank Audible Converter, then you can transfer unprotected Audible files to any device and player freely.

Part 3. Play Audible Books Online via Audible Cloud Player

After introducing how to listen to Audible books offline, in this section we will show you how to play Audible books online via Audible Cloud Player. If your WiFi connection is well, you can listen to Audible books online.

Step 1. View Audible Library on your browser and login with your Audible account on Windows or Mac PC.

Step 2. Open Audible library, pick the book you want to stream, then press the “Listen now”.

Step 3. Then the Audible Cloud Player will pop-up and play Audible books online.

Final Words
In this article, we introduced a lot of methods to play Audible books offline and online. When the network is well, you can directly listen to Audible online. Or you can download and play Audible books offline with many common methods, the most defect is they all need Audible authorization. To save the hassle, TunesBank Audible Converter is a well-designed tool to download Audible books to local drive without any restrictions, it can convert AA/AAX audiobooks to MP3 and other popular formats which can be compatible with the most of devices and players. In this way, you can play Audible books offline on any device without limitation.

Play Audible Books Offline and Online


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