Do you want to get free audiobooks from Audible? This article will show you 5 best and easiest ways to get free Audible books through Audible Free Trial, Audible Account, Audible Channels, Amazon Prime Reading and Audible Plus Catalog, and teach you how to save free & paid Audible audiobooks as local files forever.

“I am new to Amazon Audible, how to get Audio books for free? Is there any tool to download free Audible books to MP3?”

“If I joined the Amazon Prime plan, do Amazon Prime members get free audiobooks? How to listen to free Audible books with Amazon Prime?”

Audible is the world’s largest audiobook service. Although Audible is a paid service, if you know the right solution, you can download audiobooks from Audible for free. There are many ways for you to get free Audible books. In this article, we will show you best 5 ways to get free audiobooks from Audible. In addition, you will get extra tips to save free Audible Audiobooks forever and enjoy them on any device without Audible app.

Part 1. Ways to Get Free Audiobooks from Audible

Way 1. Get Free Audible Audiobooks with 30-Days Free Trial

If you are a new Audible user, you can get a 30-day free trial from Audible. After the trial period ends, you need to cancel your subscription, otherwise the system will automatically charge you a monthly subscription fee (Audible Plus fee is $7.95/mon, Audible Premium Plus fee is $14.95/mon for 1 credit). You can refer to the detailed steps to get a 30-day free trial period, and then download free Audible audiobooks, such as best-selling books, new books, editorial selections, etc.

Step 1. Go to the Audible Free Trial page, please visit

Step 2. Click “Get your free audiobook”.

Step 3. It will take you to a new page, sign in with your Amazon account. If you don’t have one, click “Create your Amazon account”. Then follow the instructions on the screen. Your account must be bound to a valid credit card. It is currently not possible to use gift cards to start your Audible free trial.

Step 4. After logging in to your Audible account, click on the “Membership” column to pick the membership plan you want to try: Audible Plus / Audible Premium Plus, and go to the “Shopping Cart” page. Then, you should go to the next page to complete your credit card information and place an order.

Step 5. Now you can go to Audible’s official website to get any audiobook for free. Next, add the audiobook to the shopping cart, and use the free credit obtained from the free trial membership to purchase the audiobook. You can then either play it via Audible or download it to your computer or mobile devices, etc.

Way 2. Download Free Audible Books Using Audible Account

Audible allows users to listen to the carousel audiobook list. To be clear, Audible also provides users with some free audio books. What you need is a Audible or Amazon account. For those who are new to Audible and don’t know which audiobook to listen to, you can easily get free Audible books through Audible’s website. Follow the simple steps to download random audiobooks from Audible for free:

Step 1. Visit on your browser. Or go to Audible official website and search “free audiobooks” in the search bar.

Step 2. In the page, you can find many free audiobooks it offers.

Step 3. Now you can buy the audiobook for free. Add the book to your library, then you can download it to your computer or mobile devices for offline listening.

Way 3. Stream Free Audible Books through Audible Channels

If you are a Amazon Prime member, you can access a selection of free audiobooks per month. In addition, Audible allows Amazon Prime members to stream or download short audio programs, podcasts, documentaries, comedy shows, shows, etc. on the Audible app or selected Fire devices. For non-subscribers, they can stream up to 30 minutes of content by visiting the channel. Please note that Amazon Prime members do not include Audible members. But you can get discounted prices for members. The cost of subscribing to Audible Channel alone is $4.95 per month. Follow the simple steps to set up Audible Channels to listen to free audiobooks.

Step 1. Launch the Audible app on your Fire, computer, or mobile devices.

Step 2. Click “Channels” in the left panel, and you will see a list of featured content from the opened window.

Step 3. Then you can open and follow the channel you want. To stream the audiobook, please click the “Play” button. To download the podcast, please click the “…” icon and then select “Download Item” to download them one by one.

Note: Even if you are a Amazon Prime member, you can only stream these books online. To download these books, you must purchase them in advanced.

Way 4. Stream Free Audible Books through Amazon Prime Reading

Amazon Prime members can not only enjoy free audiobooks through Audible Channels, but also Amazon Prime Reading. Amazon offers new users a free 30-day trial of Amazon’s advanced reader program Kindle Unlimited ($9.99/month). To get free Audible audiobooks through Amazon Prime Reading, you need to log in to your Amazon account and your Prime membership on your Kindle E-reader or Fire tablet. For iOS & Android users, please install and launch the Kindle app. Here are the simple steps:

Step 1. Log in to your Amazon Prime account. Then go to the

Step 2. Click on the “Discover” icon at the bottom of the page to find the the Prime free audiobooks.

Step 3. Select one of the free book and tap on the “Read and Listen for Free” button.

Amazon Prime free books

Way 5. Get Free Audible Audiobooks from Audible Plus Catalog

For Audible Plus or Audible Premium Plus subscribers, you can also go to the Audible Plus Catalog to get thousands of audiobooks.

Step 1. Open your Audible app on your devices. Turn to Advanced Search and tick the Plus Catalog option.

Step 2. Browse the audiobooks and select the one you wish to listen to.

Step 3. Tap on the “Play Now” button to listen to it.

Part 2. Extra Tips to Get Free & Paid Audible Audiobooks Forever

When the Audible Free Trial or Amazon Prime ends, you will not access to free audiobooks, including the downloaded Audible files. Furthermore, you can’t put the Audible Audiobooks to your own MP3 players, iPods, etc., nor burn Audible Audiobooks to c CD, etc. Because all the free and paid Audible audiobooks are in AAX or AA format with DRM protection. In other word, you don’t actually own the audiobooks. So is there any way to save Audible Audiobooks forever? Yes, you can draw support from TunesBank Audible Converter and TunesBank Apple Music Converter. Both of them can help to convert Audible Audiobooks to MP3, M4A and other compatible formats.

After that, all the converted Audible files will be saved on your computer forever, and you can also move them to any device for offline listening, such as MP3 players, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Classic, iPod Touch, Sony Walkman, Sandisks, PSP, Zune, iRiver, Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Android devices, etc.

Solution 1. Convert Audible Audiobooks to MP3 via TunesBank Audible Converter

TunesBank Audible Converter is a must-have tool which can help you save Audible books on computer forever and make Audible playable on any device. It not only lets you remove DRM from Audible, but also convert Audible AA/AAX audiobooks to MP3, WAV, FLAC at up to 100X faster speed. It is also a smart ID3 tag editor that can save ID3 tags and chapter information, and customize ID3 tags, such as title, cover, artist, album, etc.

To its credit, it is very simple to use and does not require the iTunes program and Audible account authorization. For audiobook fragments you don’t like, you can also use the built-in splitting tool to split Audible books into different parts evenly by chapter, time or segments averagely.

Easy Guide: How to Get Audible Audiobooks in MP3?

Step 1. Add Audible Books into TunesBank
Install and run TunesBank Audible Converter on your computer. Then drag and drop the Audible AA or AAX files into TunesBank’s interface.

drag and drop audible files to program

Step 2. Set Output Format and Preferences
You can set different format for each audiobook. Or choose “Output Setting” from the menu bar. Here you can set output format as MP3, change the bitrate, sample rate, or split the audio book.

select mp3 format

Step 3. Start Geting Audiobooks in MP3
Simply press on the “Convert All” button to let the converter to remove Audible DRM and convert AA or AAX files to MP3, M4A, etc.

convert from audible to mp3

Step 4. Get DRM-free Audible Audiobooks
After the conversion is complete, click the “Completed” option and click “Open File” to get the unprotected Audible books.

vide conversion history

Solution 2. Convert Audible Audiobooks to MP3 via TunesBank Apple Music Converter

TunesBank Apple Music Converter is an excellent Apple Music Converter and Audiobook Converter. with this handy audio converter, you can easily break DRM restrictions and convert Audible AA/AAX audiobooks, iTunes M4A/M4B audiobooks, Apple Music and iTunes music to MP3, M4A, FLAC and WAV format without dropping any audio quality. In addition, all ID3 tags and metadata information will be well saved in output MP3/M4A files. Also, it supports batch conversion and runs up to 10X faster speed.

Guide: How to Save Free Audible Audiobooks Forever

Step 1. Add Downloaded Audible Books to iTunes
Lanch iTunes program on your computer, then click “File” > “Add to Library” to import the downloaded AA/AAX Audible books.

Import Audible books to iTunes

Next, authorize Audible account on iTunes. Once done, exit the iTunes program.

authorize Audible account on iTunes

Step 2. Run TunesBank TunesBank Apple Music Converter
Install and launch TunesBank Apple Music Converter on your Mac or Windows PC. Then it will launch iTunes app automatically, and load the audiobooks, music, music videos from iTunes library.

run Audible Converter

Step 3. Select Audible Audiobooks
Tap on “Audiobook” or “Audible Audiobooks” in the left side, and then tick the checkbox to select the audiobooks you want to save.

Select Audible AA Audiobooks

Step 4. Customize Output Settings for Audible Books
In the bottom of the interface, you can customize the Codec, Output Format, Output Quality, Bitrate, Sample Rate, Channels, etc. of the output file. To play Audible Audiobooks on any devices, we’d recommend you choose MP3 format.

Select MP3 Format

Step 5. Start Converting Audible Audiobooks
Simply press on “Convert” button to start converting Audible Audiobooks to MP3 format without losing any quality. The conversion speed is up to 10X fast speed, just wait a few minutes.

Convert Audible to MP3

After conversion, you can go to “Finished” section, click “View Output File” to locate the DRM-free Audible Audiobooks. Then you can copy the MP3 files to your MP3 player, iPod nano and any other device for offline listening!

get MP3 audiobook files

Part 3. FAQs About Getting Free Audiobooks from Audible

Once you get free audiobooks from, you will not be able to use them freely. Below are answers to frequently asked questions about getting free audiobooks from Audible for playback.

Q1: Can I Put Audible Books on MP3 Player?
A: No, as we mentioned above, all free and paid Audible audiobooks are in DRM-locked AA/AAX format and can only be played on authorized devices. To transfer and play Audible audiobooks on any device, you can use TunesBank Audible Converter to convert the AA or AA files to MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV to compatible with your devices.

Q2: Will I Lose My Books if I Cancel Audible?
A: You can still stream the audiobooks you have purchased from in your Library. However, you will loss the remaining credits after cancel Audible membership. Moreover, you can only access the downloaded Audible books on limit devices.

Q3: Can You Listen to Audible without a Membership?
A: Yes! You can refer to the methods we listed above. No matter you are Audible Premium subscriber or not, you purchase the free/paid Audible content. Once you cancel the subsciption or free-trial expires, you can’t enjoy the Audible Plus Catalog, credits, sales, etc.

Q4: How to Delete Audible Books from Your Mobile App and Amazon Account?
A: To delete downloaded Audible audiobooks from Audible app on your iOS/Android device, you can swipe left on the book title then tap on the red “Delete from device” box. Please note that the deleted book title will still appear on your “My Library” tab.


Now you have learn how to get free books on Audible through 5 easy ways. However, all the Audible audiobooks come with DRM protection, you can only play them on limit devices. To save Audible audiobooks forever and play Audible audiobook on non-audible-approved devices, you can use TunesBank Audible Converter to convert Audible books to universal format like MP3, M4A, FLAC, etc. More importantly, it can maintain the original audio quality and all ID3 tags, and the conversion speed is as high as 100 times. It is worth trying!

Get Free Audiobooks from Audible


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