Top 6 Best MP3 Players for Audible Audiobooks

Which MP3 player is compatible with Audible? Looking for the best MP3 player for listening to Audible audiobooks? Here we have listed the 6 best MP3 players for Audible users to enjoy audiobooks smoothly and clearly. We also tell you why most MP3 player can’t read Audible books and shows you an easy way to convert Audible books to MP3 for playing on any MP3 players, such as Sony Walkman, iPods, Sandisks, Astell & Kern SP2000 DAP, iPod Touch, iRiver, etc.

“I am an Audible Premium Plus and I want to abandon my old iPod Nano. Which is the best MP3 player for listening to audiobooks?”

“How to convert Audible Audiobooks to MP3 format so that I can listen to my Audible books on MP3 player. Thanks.”

MP3 Players for Audible

Do you want to buy a new MP3 player to play audiobooks? If you’re an Audible users, to choose a MP3 player for playing Audible audiobooks, you should which MP3 player supports Audible .aa and .aax format.

Why Most MP3 Players are not compatible with Audible books?

MP3 player is a good portable device to play music and audiobooks, before putting your music and audiobooks to your MP3 player, you should figure out what kinds of audio format your MP3 player supported firstly? But most MP3 players are only compatible with the MP3 audio format, and many others new MP3 player like the Android version of Sony Walkman Player Z Series support Windows Media Audio (WMA), Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) and WAV. Most MP3 players/devices are not compatible with open-source formats like Ogg Vorbis and the Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC). Therefore, if you want to play Audible books on MP3 player, you will find that all the downloaded Audible files is .aa or .aax format, which are not compatible with MP3 player, in addition, all AA/AAX audiobooks downloaded from Audible comes with DRM protection, so not all MP3 players are compatible with Audible books. In order to listen to Audible audiooks on any MP3 players or devices, you need to remove Audible DRM and convert AA/AAX to MP3 format.

Tips: If you want to play Apple Music and Spotify music on MP3 player, you should first download Spotify music and Apple Music as MP3 with a professional streaming music converter such as TunesBank Music Converter.

Which MP3 Player and Devices are Compatible with Audible?

Audible is compatible with many devices, if you can download and install the Audible app on your iOS devices, Android devices, Fire Tablets, Mac and Windows 10/11 compuer, you can login your Audible account to authorize the device and play the downloaded AA/AAX audiobooks, it is free and download Audible app from your device’s app store. In addition, you can also login your Audible account to iTunes and play the Audible books with iTunes. Here, we have listed the devices are compatible with Audible:

  • Sandisk Clip Jam
  • Fire Tablets running OS 5 or above
  • Kindle Oasis (8th Gen/9th Gen/10th Gen)
  • Kindle (8th Gen)
  • Kindle Paperwhite (10th Gen)
  • Alexa devices
  • Bones Milestone 312
  • Victor Reader Stream
  • Windows and Mac computers (you can play with Audible app or iTunes application, or stream via Cloud Player on the computer)

However, what MP3 players are compatible with Audible audiobooks? If you are an audiobook lover and want to know what is the best MP3 player for Audible in 2021, then you are in the right place! In fact, it is not difficult to find a perfect Audible MP3 player as long as you have enough budject as long as you have a sufficient budget! Only joking!

Here we will list the top 6 MP3 players for Audible audiobooks. By comparing their battery life, file format compatibility, portability, storage capacity, audio quality, bookmark function, in order to help you choose the best Audible compatible MP3 Players! In addition, we will show you an easy way to convert Audible Audiobooks to MP3 format so that you can freely listen to Audible audiobooks on any MP3 players, Sony Walkman, iPods, PSP, mobile devices, etc.

Part 1. What are the advantages of MP3 player?

Nowadays, most people prefer to listen to audiobooks instead of reading traditional printed books, newspaper, etc. When it comes to listening to audiobooks on an MP3 player, the biggest advantage is its compactness and convenience.

Smaller – The MP3 player is small and portable. Easy to carry! You can take it with you anytime, anywhere, whether it’s traveling or running! In other words, you don’t need to keep your big books at home! – All you need is a compact MP3 player!

Large Storage – MP3 players provide much more storage space than CDs. Most of them have a large internal storage space and can store audio files. So you don’t need to save the long-time Audible Audiobooks on your smartphone, free up your space!

High Sound Quality – The audio sensitivity and sound quality of MP3 players are much better than that of mobile phones and tablets. In addition, you can also enjoy high-quality music on an MP3 player.

Cheaper – MP3 players are cheaper than smartphones and tablets. You can get a MP3 player for only a quarter of the price of a mobile phone, or even less! Etc.

Easier File Transfer – Compared to burning Audible Audiobooks to a CD, it’s much easier to copy and transfer the unprotected Audible MP3 files to an MP3 player!

Easier to Use – It’s easy to play audiobooks on an MP3 player! No technical requirements!

Part 2. Tips for Choosing MP3 Player for Audible Audiobooks

When choosing the right and best MP3 player for Audible Audiobooks, you need to consider battery, compatibility, portability, audio qulity, price, etc.

Battery Life
For audiobook files, the duration is longer than music files, some even as long as 50 hours. Therefore, an MP3 player with good battery life is essential, which enables you to listen to audiobooks without interrupting the power supply. Imagine that when you are listening to audiobooks outdoors, but the MP3 player is out of power, which will affect your listening experience.

File Format Compatibility
An excellent MP3 player should have extensive compatibility and support multiple audio file formats, including MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, WAV, WMA, etc. However, it should be noted that all the audiobooks you download from Audible are in AA/AAX format with DRM encryption. To play all your Audible audiobooks on any MP3 player, you can use TunesBank Audible Audiobook Converter to convert Audible from AAX/AA to MP3, M4A and other universal formats.

Most people prefer MP3 players because of their portability. Compared with mobile devices, MP3 players are lighter and smaller, which allows you to put it in your pocket with ease. In this way, you can listen to audiobooks on the planes, subways, trains, etc. anywhere, anytime.

Storage Capacity
When selecting an MP3 player, the storage capacity of the device cannot be ignored. Some audio books are as long as several hours. In order to fully load multiple audiobooks, you should choose an MP3 device with 8GB or more. In addition, MP3 players are also a good place to store audio files, which can help you free up space on your mobile device or computer, etc.

Audio Quality
A perfect MP3 player should be able to automatically eliminate any harsh sound effects or noises and make the listening effect better. This is especially important for audiophiles who are looking for HiFi audiobooks with high audio sensitivity and lossless audio quality.

Bookmark Function
For those audiobooks that are several hours long, you may not be able to listen to them all at once. Then choose an MP3 player with bookmark function will be very convenient. By adding bookmarks, you can navigate to where the story was last placed, so you can continue the story without starting from the beginning.

Part 3. Top 6 MP3 Players for Playing Audible Audiobooks

1. SanDisk Sansa Clip Jam
SanDisk Sansa Clip Jam is very easy to use and has a battery life of up to 18 hours. Large capacity is also its attractiveness. It not only has 8GB of internal storage space, but also supports SD card expansion up to 32GB, so that you can save more audiobooks. In addition, it is also equipped with a large OLED display, you can easily browse and adjust any settings.

ScanDisk Sansa Clip Jam

Price: $39.99

Easy to use.
High sound quality.
Equipped with a large OLED display
Compatible with various audio formats.

No Bluetooth or WiFi function.
No bookmarking feature.

2. Sony Walkman NW-E394
Excellent battery life makes it stand out in a series of Sony Walkman MP3 players.. Compared with other MP3 players, this portable MP3 tool allows you to listen to up to 50 hours of audiobooks or music. 8GB of memory is enough for you to put a lot of audiobooks. In addition, clear sound and easy-to-use interface are also supplements to this device.

Sony Walkman NW-E394

Price: $79.99

Easy to operate.
Very long battery life.
Clear sound quality.

Its plastic shell is not very sturdy.
The external SD card is not supported.

3.iPod Touch 8th
The appearance of iPod Touch gradually replaced the old iPod Nano / Classic / Shuffle. iPod Touch 8th has up to 256GB of storage and can play up to 40 hours of audio and 8 hours of video. It is worth mentioning that it supports WiFi and Bluetooth connections, and you can log in to your Audible account on the iPod Touch at any time. This means you can directly download Audible books to your iPod Touch for offline listening to! In addition, it also has a large touch screen and a clear display.

iPod Touch 8th

Price: $199 for 32GB, $299 for 128GB, $399 for 256GB

Run the iOS operating system.
Compatible with multiple formats.
Supports to play audios and videos, image, etc.
Large touch screen and clear display.
Has a huge storage capacity of 32GB-256GB.

No recording function.
More Expensive than other MP3 players.
Only rely on iTunes to synchronize files.

Extra Tips: How to Download Audible Books to iPod Touch?
Step 1. Open your iPod Touch that can connect to the Internet, download and install the Audible app from the App store.

download audible for ipod touch

Step 2.Then launch the application and log in with your Audible account and password.

Step 3. Go to the “Library” tab to find the audiobooks you purchased. Then click the “Download” button to download the audiobook from the Audible library to your iPod Touch.

4. Zune HD
Zune HD is also a good MP3 player from Audible Books. Clear high-quality audio and storage capacity of up to 32GB are one of its highlights. The built-in Bluetooth and WiFi functions allow you to play audiobooks or music online. Even better, without any bookmarks, it will automatically resume playback from where you stopped from each audiobook.

Zune HD 32 GB Video MP3 Player

Price: $99.99 for 16GB, $348.89 for 32 GB

Can play videos, audios, photos.
Has a huge storage capacity.
Has built-in Bluetooth and WiFi function.

Only supports MP3, WMA, AAC audio formats.

5. AGPTEK Bluetooth MP3 Player
Stylish design, 16GB memory, extensive audio format compatibility, up to 45 hours of battery life and other features make it one of the top 6 MP3 players. Another user-friendly design is that it supports HiFi lossless sound quality, which would will helpful for any blind person to listen to the audiobooks.

AGPTEK Bluetooth MP3 Player

Price: about $26.99

Sensitive button, user-friendly design.
Compatible with various formats.
Has a Bluetooth connection.
Support HiFi lossless audio quality.
Supports VOR voice, FM Radio, voice recordings.

There is no armband option.
It can sometimes confuse your audio books, especially book chapters.

6.KLANGTOP Digital Clip Music Player
KLANGTOP Digital Clip Music Player is a small MP3 tool specially designed for sports and music lovers. It is small in size, light in weight, with a wearable clip, and weighs only 22.5g. Although it has 8GB of storage space, it has an expansion slot that can support up to 32GB of memory cards. The battery can last 30 hours. It is a multifunctional device that integrates music player, recorder, FM radio, e-book reading, etc.

KLANGTOP Digital Clip Music Player

Price: $106.65

Powerful functions.
Small size and light weight.
Has FM radio voice record function.
Support Bluetooth and USB connection.

Plain design.
A little expensive.

Part 4. Convert Audible Books to MP3 for Playback on Any MP3 Players

As we mentioned above, all the downloaded Audible audiobooks are in AA or AAX format with DRM protection. iPod Touch (5th or above) is the only player that is fully compatible with Audible. Except for it, you can’t directly put the DRM-locked .aa or .aax files to the MP3 players. To play Audible audiobooks on any MP3 player, you need to convert Audible books from AAX/AA to MP3 firstly. Here you can turn to TunesBank Audible Converter and TunesBank Apple Music Converter.

Way 1. Convert Audible Audiobooks to MP3 via TunesBank Audible Converter

TunesBank Audible Converter has the possibility to make Audible playback easier. It can not only remove Audible DRM, but also convert Audible AA/AAX audiobooks to MP3, M4A, AC3, AIFF, AU, FLAC with 100% original quality kept. Compare with other audiobook converters, it is able to convert Audible to MP3 straightforward, no need to launch iTunes app nor authorize Audible account. This software utilizes the advanced technology to convert audiobooks at up to 100X faster speed and supports batch conversion, saving your time!

Even better, all the chapters, ID3 tags and metadata will be well kept in the output files, and you can even edit the ID3 tags like title, album, artist, genre, etc. as needed. Besides, the built-in split function is very friendly to MP3 players with small memory, allowing you to cut long audiobooks into small parts by chapter or time. With it, you can listen to Audible audiobooks on any MP3 players, such as iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Classic, iPod Touch, PSP, Zune, Creative Zen, Sony Walkman, Sandisks, iRiver, Kindle, etc., as well as iPhone, iPad, Android devices.

Steps to Convert Audible AA/AAX Audiobooks to MP3

Step 1. Add Audible AA/AAX Books to TunesBank
After installation, open TunesBank Audible Converter on Mac or PC. Directly drag and drop the downloaded Audible AA or AAX files to TunesBank’s main interface.

drag and drop audible files to program

Or click the icon to select the Audible files from the local folder.

add audible files to program

Step 2. Set MP3 Output Format for Audible Books
Choose “Output Setting” from the menu bar. Here you can select the MP3 format to and reset other parameters, split the audiobook as you like.

select mp3 format

Tips: You can also tap on the “Edit” icon beside the Audible title to edit the ID3 tags.

edit audible id3 tags

Step 3. Start to Convert Audible to MP3
Click the “Convert All” button to let TunesBank convert all Audible files to high-quality MP3 audios.

start to remove drm from audible aa/aax books

When finished, all the converted MP3 files will show under the “Completed” section. Click “Open File” to open the Audible books.

view converted audible mp3 files

No matter what types of MP3 Player you use, after converting Audible Audiobooks to MP3, you can play Audible books on any MP3 Players, such as iPods, PSP, iRiver, Sony Walkman, etc.

Way 2. Convert Audible/iTunes Audiobooks to MP3 via TunesBank Apple Music Converter

TunesBank Apple Music Converter is a multifunctional music converter and audiobook converter. With its support, users can easily get rid of DRM lock and convert Audible AA/AAX audiobooks and iTunes M4A/M4B audiobooks to MP3, M4A, FLAC format at up to 10X faster speed. In addition to converting Audiobooks, it also supports you to convert Apple Music, iTunes purchased M4P music to common MP3, M4A, FLAC with lossless quality. In this way, you are able to enjoy Audible Audiobooks, iTunes Audiobooks, Apple Music and iTunes music on any MP3 player anytime, anywhere!

Steps to Convert and Transfer Audible Books to MP3 Players

Step 1. Add Downloaded Audible Audiobooks to iTunes
Launch iTunes program on your computer, then import the downloaded AA/AAX Audible files to iTunes library. Authorize Audible account, and then exit iTunes app.

add downloaded Audible files to iTunes

Step 2. Run TunesBank Audible Audiobook Converter
Download and install TunesBank Audible Audiobook Converter on your Mac or PC. Then launch TunesBank program, and iTunes app will be opened automatically. At the same time, it will automatically the audiobooks, music, music videos from iTunes.

Audible Audiobook Converter

Step 3. Select Audible Audiobook to Convert
Click “Audible Audiobooks” or “Audiobook” in the left panel, and then all audiobooks will be displayed on the right. Select the audiobooks to be converted by checking the checkboxes.

select Audible Audiobooks

Step 4. Adjust Output Settings
Now, move the mouse to the bottom of the interface, select MP3 in the “Output Quality” option, and adjust the Output Quality, Bitrate, Sample Rate, Channels, etc. as needer.

select mp3 format

Tips: To edit the ID tags or metadata, please click “Metadata” otpion.

Step 5. Convert Audible Audiobooks to MP3 Players
After the above settings, click the “Convert” button to start to convert DRM-locked Audible audiobooks to unprotected MP3 audio files.

convert audible books to mp3

After conversion, please go to “Finished” option, click “View Output File” to locate the converted Audible MP3 files.

get MP3 audiobook files

Part 5. Transfer and Play Audible on Any MP3 Players

1)Transfer the Converted Audible Books to Generic MP3 Players

To move the converted Audible files to most generic MP3 players like Sony Walkman, Sandisk MP3 player, Onkyo MP3 player, AGPtEK, Astell, FiiO X3, please connect your Sony Walkman to computer via USB cable. After connection successfully, open the folder of the MP3 player, then directly drag and drop the converted Audible MP3 files to the MP3 player. When finished, eject the MP3 player.

2)Transfer the Converted Audible Books to iPod Nano/Classic/Shuffle/Touch

Launch iTunes program on computer, and import the converted Audible MP3 files iTunes library, and then connect the iPod device to the computer via USB cable. Next, find the iPod icon and click on it. Click “Music” > “Sync Music”, tap “Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres.”, then tap “Recently added” > “Apply”.

transfer audible files to ipod nano

Now you can freely enjoy your Audible books on any MP3 player anytime, anywhere, without the need to install Audible applications or the Internet!


The above are the best 6 MP3 players, each with its own characteristics and functions, there is always one suitable for you. However, not all MP3 players are compatible with Audible since Audible Audiobooks are protected by DRM. In this case, you can rely on TunesBank Audible Audiobook Converter to convert all your purchased Audible Audiobook to MP3 format at super speed with lossless quality, so you can transfer Audible books to any MP3 player for offline enjoying! Also, TunesBank Apple Music Converter is a good helper which lets you convert all your purchased Audible books, iTunes audiobooks, as well as Apple Music and iTunes music. But it requires iTunes and Audible authentication. No matter which one you choose, they can help you get high-quality MP3 files from Audible for your MP3 player, just download it and have a try!

Download TunesBank Audible Converter on Mac, PC:

Top 6 MP3 Players for Audible Audiobooks