Wanna know how to share Audible books with family and friends? This post will show you 4 methods to achieve this goal. You can use official methods by using Amazon Household and ‘Send This Book’, or share your Audible account with others, the best method is to convert Audible as your own files, so that you can share unlimited Audible books with others.

“Can I share Audible books with family members? I want to share some interesting audiobooks with my cousin, what should I do?”

Sharing is an act of intimacy, it will shorten the distance between people. The same goes for listening to Audible audiobooks. When you hear interesting novels or inspiring autobiography, you can’t wait to share Audible books with your friends or family and enjoy them together. So how can you share Audible books with others? In the previous article, we introduced how to play Audible audiobooks offline and online for enjoying on your own. Today, we are going to show you 4 ways to share Audible books with family and friends via official methods, risky method and best and safest method.

Part 1. Share Audible Books with Family By Using Amazon Household(Official)

Amazon has an excellent Family Library Sharing mechanism, by using it, you can share books, videos, songs, etc. with your family and friends directly and conveniently. Although you share your Amazon or Audible contents with another Amazon account, the security and privacy of your account can still be guaranteed.

Step 1. Build Up a Amazon Household
To make sure you are able to share Audible books with family, you must to build up your Amazon household and add the person you want to share with.

1. Login your account in the, tap “Manage Your Content and Devices” > “Preferences” button.

2. In the “Households and Family Library”tab then click on “Learn more about Households” button.Hit on “Add Adult” option.

3. Fill in another adult account info that you want to share with, then touch “Verify Account”. Then you can create your family library.

Step 2. Share Audible Books with Family
After building up a household account, you can send audiobooks to family members.

1. Turn to Audible “Manage Your Content and Devices” tab.

2. Tap “Content” > “Show Family Library” option, then select the audiobooks you want to share and click “Add to Library” button.

3. After that, you can share all Audible Household contents with your family.

Tip: By using Audible Household Family Library Sharing, you can share unlimited Audible books. But the premise is that you need to pay for a Amazon Prime account to build up a Household account. Household can only let you to add 2 adults and 4 children. Except for this, the audiobooks under the Audible Plus Catalog cannot be shared. And be careful if you’re sharing with unfamiliar family and friends, because your payment info will be shared in Amazon Household account.

Part 2. Share Audible Books with Friends via ‘Send This Book’ Function(Official)

You can share any audiobook you had in your Audible library with your family and friend. With just few clicks, you can share Audible books with your friends via Android, iOS devices Audible App or web page.

Method 1. ‘Send This Book’ via Audible App

# 1. For Android Devices

1) ‘Send This Book’ through Player Screen

1. In the Audible books player screen, touch the ‘Share’ icon.

2. Find the audiobooks you want to share, press ‘Send This Book’.

3. Select the way you like to share Audible books with friends, including Message, Mail, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. After that, click “Send”button.

2) ‘Send This Book’ with Audible Library

1 Login your account in Audible App on your Android devices.

2 Turn to “My Library”tab, all your purchased Audible books will be showed up. Choose the one you want to share, click ‘More’ (three vertical dots icon). Press “Send this Book” button, pick the way to share Audible book with friends. Finally, then hit on “Send” button.

# 2. For iOS Devices
The operation of iOS devices and Android devices are the same, but the icons are different from Android devices.

1. Login your account with Audible App on your iOS devices.

2. View ‘My Library’ tab and all your audible books will be showed up here, then touch the triple dots icon on the right of the book.

3. Hit on ‘Send this Book’ option, you can choose the email, message or whatsapp to share Audible books with friends.

4. Fill in the pop up window with email address,(if you want to send multiple emails, please separate them with commas) then hit on “Send” option.

Tip:With ‘Send this Book’, you can share you purchased Audible books with others, and it is free. However, this is new users only, a individual can only accept 1 Audible book share total, you can’t share more than 1 book with the same person. And you are unable to share the same Audible book with 2 different person, even though they have never accepted one book before.

Part 3. Share Audible Books with Others through Sharing Audible Account(Risky)

There is another way to share Audible books with family and friends is to share your account and password with them. In this way, they can just login with your account and all the contents in your Audible account can be shared with them, which is very direct and convenient. But this is also a very risky way, your privacy will be exposed, including your listening records and purchase records. The information on your other accounts and platforms is likely to be the same. If you share Audible account with unfamiliar people, it will be very dangerous.

Part 4. Share Audible Books with Family and Friends with TunesBank Converter(Best)

In the previous parts, we introduced 3 ways to share Audible books with family and friends, but they all have limits. If you want to share various Audible books with your family and friends with email or copy them to USB, how can you do? Due to Audible DRM restrictions, you cannot do these directly. Audible audiobooks are encoded as .aa or .aax format, which is prevent users from copying and transferring Audible files to non-Audible-approval devices for playback. To overcome this issue, here we are going to introduce a wonderful Audible Converter to help you freely share unlimited Audible books with family and friends.

TunesBank Audible Converter is a multifunctional converter, it can not only crack the DRM encryption from Audible books, but also convert Audible AA/AAX to MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV without iTunes App and get Audible authorization. Besides that, the converted Audible books will saved well the ID3 tags, metadata and chapters info including title, author, date, etc. Most strikingly, you can even personalize edit the output settings like Bit Rate, Sample Rate, and divide the large Audible books into small clips by chapters or time. By adopting advanced conversion technology, it can convert Audible books at up to 100X fast speed without any quality loss. So that, you can get unprotected Audible books, then you can transfer Audible books to USB and share Audible books with family and friends via USB drive.

Main Features of TunesBank Audible Converter:

  • Crack the DRM restrictions from Audible audiobooks with ease.
  • Convert Audible to MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV with original quality.
  • No need to install iTunes App and get Audible authentication.
  • Keep ID3 tags, chapter info like title, artist, genre, book cover, etc.
  • Divide large Audible books into small clips by chapters or time.
  • Up to 100X lightning speed and supports batch conversion.
  • Freely share unlimited Audible books with family and friends.

Guide:Convert Audible to MP3 & Share with Others

Step 1. Launch TunesBank Audible Converter
Install and launch TunesBank Audible Converter on your computer desktop.

launch TunesBank audible converter

Step 2. Add Audible Audiobooks to TunesBank
Directly drag and drop the downloaded Audible audiobooks to the TunesBank’s main interface or hit on “Add File” option to select audiobooks you wish to add.

drag and drop audible files to program

Step 3. Select MP3 as Output Format
Press the “Output Format” to choose MP3 as output format. MP3 is the best choice for sharing. You can also customize the Sample Rate, Bit Rate and split audiobooks into small clips according to your needs.

select mp3 format

Step 4. Start to Convert Audible to MP3
After all settings preset, touch “Convert All” button to start converting Audible to MP3.

convert from audible to mp3

Step 5. Get the Converted Audible Files
After the conversion is done, tap “Completed” > “Open File” to get the unprotected Audible MP3 books.

vide conversion history

Step 6. Share Unlimited Audible Books with Family and Friends
Now you have the unprotected Audible books on your local drive, you can send them to your family and friends by email. Or you can copy them to USB drive, then give it to others to paste them for sharing.

Video Guide – Download and Convert Audible books to MP3 & Share With Others
The video guide below can help you learn more about download and convert Audible books to MP3 with TunesBank Audible Converter.

The Bottom Lines
By contrasting these methods, the official ways(Audible App & Amazon Household) and risky way(share account and password) are all have limits. The best way is unlock the Audible DRM and convert Audible to MP3 and other popular formats with TunesBank Audible Converter. In this way, you can get the unprotected Audible files to share Audible books with family and friends without any limitation.

Share Audible Books with Family or Friends


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