Do you wonder how to add Spotify Music to Google Slides? In this article, we will show you 2 ways to add Spotify music to Google Slide, you can add Spotify music link to Google Slides, or you can download Spotify music to MP3 and add it to Google Slides from Google Drive.

“How to use Spotify in Google Slides? I want to add music from my Spotify library to my presentation in Google Slides. Is there any way to add Spotify in Google Slides as BGM?”

Google Slides is a presentation program which is a part of office software offered by Google. Just like Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Drawings. You can easily make any presentation with Google Slides on the web, iOS, Android , Windows and more. You can even in real-time create and edit your presentations online with others. Google Slides is such a powerful multifunctional editing tool for a presentation.

It will be more impressive if Google Slides support importing music. However, Google Slides does not have the feature of uploading local music for presentations. So if you want to add music to Google Slides from streaming music services, such as Spotify, which is one of the most popular streaming services that has over 70 million songs, you need to use Google Drive as the importing source. The following parts shows 2 methods to add Spotify music to Goolge Slides, please do not miss it.

Part 1. How to Link Spotify on Google Slides

The first way to add a Spotify link to Google Slides. But you need to make sure that there a stable internet connect when you present your Google Slides presentation, and also you need to control the playback of Spotify music manually during the presentation. Please follow the detail steps to link Spotify to Google Slides.

Step 1. In web browser, launch Google Slides and create a presentation, then open the slide that you want to add Spotify music.

Step 2. Add a text to this slide by selecting Insert > Test box from the menu to create a text box.

Step 3. Once the text box is added, then select the Link option to add a link to the text box.

select link in google slides

Step 4. Open the Spotify web player on the browser, and find a Spotify song that you wan to add to Google Slides. Click the three-dot icon > Share > Copy Song Link.

Step 5. Go back to your slide and paste the link into the text box. Then select View > Present in the menu to start playing your presentation.

add spotify link to google slides

Part 2. The Best Way to Add Spotify Music to Google Slides

Adding music Google Slides from Spotify web player is the most effective way, but it could be a big drawback for unnecessary problems such as unstable WiFi network. To avoid this, the best way to add Spotify to Google Slides is to download Spotify songs and add to Google Slides directly. So the first thing you need to do is to upload Spotify music to google Drive. Due to all Spotify songs are DRM protected, you need a third-party tool to convert protected Spotify songs to unprotected music files in plain formats, like MP3.

Tool to Convert Spotify Songs to MP3 – TunesBank Spotify Music Converter

TunesBank Spotify Music Converter is a professional Spotify to MP3 converter which is designed to remove DRM from Spotify music and convert Spotify music to MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV without any quality lose. The converted Spotify music file will be unprotected and permanently saved as local file on your computer, you can easily use them on Google Slides and other unauthorized apps or devices without any limitations.

In addition, TunesBank Spotify Music Converter is able to keep 100% original audio quality and ID3 tags after conversion, you can keep Spotify music in up to 320 Kbps MP3 audio. Another great feature about this program is that it has a built-in Spotify web player, you can browse, download, convert and play music without installing the official Spotify app. Let’s check out more amazing features about this program.

Key Features of TuneBank Spotify Music Converter

  • Download Spotify playlists, songs, and albums for free.
  • Remove DRM protection from Spotify music.
  • Convert Spotify music to MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV.
  • Keep Spotify lossless audio quality and ID3 tags after conversion.
  • Batch downloading and up to 10X fast conversion speed.
  • Convert Spotify music for Google Slides.
  • The converted songs can be played on multiple devices.
  • Built-in Spotify web player without installing Spotify app.

Tutorial: How to Convert Spotify Music to MP3

Firtst of all, please download the latest version of TunesBank Spotify Music Converter and install it to your Windows and Mac computer, then please follow the detail steps.

Step 1. Launch TunesBank Spotify Music Converter
Run the program on your computer, you will see the interface on the following shown screenshot, click the “Open Spotify web player”.

launch Spotify Music Converter

Click “Log in” button on the top right corner to login your Spotify account, you can log in with your Spotify Free or Spotify Premium account.

log in Spotify Music Converter

Step 2. Add Spotify Songs/Playlist/Album
To add Spotify songs to the converting list, you can either drag tracks from Spotify web player to the “+” icon.

Add Spotify Songs

Step 3. Select MP3 as Output Format
Click “Convert all files to” on the upper right corner of the interface to set MP3 as the output format. You can even select different format for each song, you can click “Output Format” option to change it.

select mp3 format

Step 4. Adjust Output Settings
You can adjust the output settings by clicking the “Preferences” menu, you will see a small pop up window, in here you can adjust output format (MP3, M4A, FLAC or WAV), bitrate (High 320kbps, Medium 256kbps, Low 128kbps), samplerate (22050 hz, 44100 hz, 48000 hz).

adjust output settings

Step 5. Start Converting Spotify Music to MP3
Once everything is set, simply click on the “Convert All” button to start converting Spotify music to MP3 and save them on your computer as local. All ID3 tags will be kept for the converted music files as well.

get mp3 music files

Step 6. View Output File
After conversion, you can get the converted Spotify MP3 files in “Finished” section, then click “View Output File” to view the unprotected MP3 files.

get mp3 music files

Part 3. How to Add Spotify on Googlde Slides as BGM

Now you have all the Spotify songs that are converted to MP3, which are compatible with Google Slides, then you need to upload these converted files to Google Drive first, and follow the steps below to add music to Google Slides.

Step 1. Open the presentation in Google Slides, and select the slide which you want to add Spotify music in.

Step 2. Select Audio under the Insert tab, and select My Drive to choose music tracks.

add audio to google slide

Step 3. Choose the track and click on the Select button, then the track will be added to your Google Slides.

add audio to google slide

Step 4. A sound icon will be shown on the slide, you can now use this bar to control the music playback on Google Slides easily.


These are 2 methods about how to add Spotify music to Google Slides. You can either link Spotify to Google Slide or add Spotify songs to Google Slides from Google Drive. Using TunesBank Spotify Music Converter is highly recommended, with its help, you can convert Spotify music to MP3, so that you can keep them forever and play them on other devices even without a Spotify premium account.

Add Spotify Music to Google Slides


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