Best Solutions to Get Spotify Mini Player on Windows/Mac

This article shows you the best solutions to get Spotify Mini Player on your Windows or Mac computer with different tools, including Chrome web player, third-party Spotify Mini Players and Spotify Music converters, giveing you a better Spotify listening experience.

Mini Player occupies a very small screen space, allowing you to adjust the volume, search for songs, select the next song to play, and so on without opening the music app. However, what disappoints most users is that Spotify does not have a built-in mini player. So how to make Spotify Mini Player on computer? Follow this article to get the best solutions on how to get Spotify Mini Player on Windows and Mac. After that, you can easily control the playback of Spotify music at the fingertips on your computer. In addition, you will have the opportunity to play Spotify music on any Mini Player or device!

Part 1. How to Get Spotify Mini Player on Windows/Mac

Although Spotify Mini Player is not available on Windows or Mac computer, you can ask web service or some third-party Spotify Mini Players for help. You can refer to the following guides.

Way 1. Make Spotify Mini Player on Windows/Mac with Web Player

When it comes to getting Spotify Mini Player on computer, Chrome comes in handy. Chrome is not only an awesome web browser, but also a smart Spotify music player.

Step 1. First, open Chrome on your computer and navigate to

Step 2. Click “LOG IN” in the upper right corner, log in to your Spotify Free or Premium account to access your library.

Step 3. Then select the playlist you want to play, and hit on the “Window” icon next to the “Heart” button.

make spotify mini player on computer with chrome

Step 4. After that, a floating Spotify Mini Player will appear in the lower right corner of the screen, and you can adjust the size of the Spotify window as needed.

Way 2. Get Third-Party Spotify Mini Players on Windows/Mac

1) Alfred Spotify Mini Player (on Windows / Mac)
To get Spotify Mini Player on Windows or Mac computer, Alfred Spotify Mini Player is all you need! This popular mini Spotify players not only lets you control your playlists, but also allows you to search for your Spotify library. In addition, you can also enjoy various functions with this mini player. Follow to simple steps to make Alfred Spotify Mini Player play your Spotify music on your computer.

Step 1. Navigate to on the browser, download and install Alfred Spotify Mini Player on your desktop. Then launch the app by double-clicking it or dragging it into Alfred.

Step 2. Now select to create a new application, and follow the following steps to set the application name and description, then choose “Desktop App”.

Step 3. Then respond with “No”, check all the check boxes, and press on the “Submit” button.

Step 4. On the application page, tap on “Edit Settings” and complete the Redirect URIs, then tap on “Add”.

Step 5. At last, click on “Save” to save your settings. Then you can use the workflow to play music from Spotify. Meanwhile, you can control the playback of the Spotify songs for your preference.

get alfred spotify mini player on windows and mac

2) Lofi Spotify Mini Player (on Windows / Mac)
Lofi Spotify Mini Player is tiny desktop mini player for Windows and MacOS, which allows you to play music from Spotify. The compact, lightweight interface enables you to be more intuitive and easier to access frequently used functions. With it, you can easily control Spotify playback and quickly adjust the volume.

Step 1. Go to the website to get Lofi Spotify Mini Player downloaded on your Windows or Mac computer.

download lofi spotify player on windows or mac

Step 2. Start the Lofi program and click the “Login” button, then you will be directed to a new window.

Step 3. Tap the “Agree” button to allow Lofi to access your Spotify account data.

Step 4. Play Spotify songs you like, and the track you are playing will be displayed on Lofi.

lofi spotify mini player

3) Silicio App for Spotify (on Mac)
To get Spotify Mini Player on Mac, you can rely on Silicio app. Silicio allows you to control music from the touch bar of Mac, start and stop the music player. Silicio is a free application for MAC, which can be downloaded directly from the iTunes Store. Even better, it also allows you to customize the options to be displayed on the mini player.

Step 1. Go to the iTunes store, download and install the Silicio application on MacOS. Then start the program.

Step 2. Open “System Preferences” on Mac, then go to “Security”> “Privacy”> “Automation”, and switch to the Spotify music app. Then restart Silicio. By the way, it also supports to control the playback of iTunes music on the Mac.

Step 3. Select Spotify Music in the “Source” menu of the Silicio app, and choose the album or playlist you want to play.

Step 4. Now you can control the music from the Touch Bar of your Mac computer.

get silicio app for spotify on mac

4) MiniPlay for Spotify and iTunes (on Mac)
Except for Silicio app, MiniPlay for Spotify and iTunes is also a good alternative when you want to make Spotify Mini Player on your Mac computer. MiniPlay for Spotify and iTunes is a free software designed specifically for Mac users. With it, you can easily control the playback of Spotify or iTunes from a small window or notification center, skip tracks or adjust the volume.

Step 1. Go to the Apple Store on the Mac OS X or higher version, download and install the latest version of MiniPlay.

Step 2. Launch the MiniPlay program and Spotify Music app on your Mac.

After successfully connecting the Spotify account to the MiniPlay app, play the Spotify tracks you like. The metadata of the Spotify music will be displayed in the menu bar while playing.

miniplay for spotify on mac

Part 2. How to Play Spotify Music on Any Mini Player

The above solutions helps you control your Spotify music playback at fingertips. However, not every Spotify user is a subscriber. Spotify user must watch annoying advertisements while listening to Spotify music online. In order to save your bill and give you a better Spotify listening experience. The best solution is to save all Spotify songs as local files with the help of TunesBank Spotify Music Converter, and then use the mini player to play them freely.

TunesBank Spotify Music Converter aims to help Spotify Free and Premium users to to download tracks, playlist, albums from Spotify and save them as MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV files on the computer. What’s more, it will preserve 100% lossless quality and all ID3 tags. After with, you can play Spotify on any Mini Player and devices without internet connection or Wi-Fi.

Steps to Play Spotify Music on Any Mini Player

Step 1. Launch TunesBank Spotify Music Converter
Get TunesBank Spotify Music Converter downloaded on your Mac or Windows. When you launch the program, it will automatically launch Spotify app.

launch tunesbank spotify converter

Step 2. Add Spotify Tracks to TunesBank
Here you can directly drag and drop the tracks/playlist/albums from Spotify to the TunesBank’s interface.

drag and drop spotify songs to program

Or copy the link of the Spotify music/playlist/album/artist, then paste the link to the search box of the program, and “Add File” to load the music.

copy and paste spotify music link to program

Step 3. Set Output Parameters
It’s very easy to set the output settings. To play Spotify music on any mini players, MP3 format is recommended. Pick MP3 format in the “Convert all files to:” option.

select output format

Then click “Preferences” in the menu bar, adjust the SampleRate, Bitrate, Output Folder as you like.

adjust output settings

Step 4. Save Spotify Music as MP3 Files
After the above settings, press on the “Convert All” button to save all the selected Spotify tracks to local drive.

save spotify songs to mp3

After conversion, please go to “Finished” option to locate the well downloaded Spotify songs.

view saved spotify songs

Step 5. Play Spotify Songs via Mini Player on Windows / Mac
1) On Windows:
Open Groove Music on your PC, drag and drop the downloaded Spotify songs to Groove Music’s interface. Then play one of the Spotify song. Finally, tap on “Play in mini view” button to open the mini player.

play spotify music on google music

2) On Mac:
Run iTunes app on Mac and drag and drop the downloaded Spotify songs to iTunes Library. The play the song you like, and then hover the mouse on the album cover. Finally, hit on the “Mini Player” button.

play spotify music on itunes

Similarly, this method is also suitable for playing Spotify music on iTunes on Windows.

Final Words

Through the above method, you learned how to get your Spotify Mini Player on the Mac or Windows computer. These Spotify Mini Players can help you easily control the playback of Spotify music when you are working or learning something. To offline enjoy Spotify music on the mini player without Premium or annoying ads, TunesBank Spotify Music Converter is your best choice. With it, you can easily play Spotify music on any players and devices in offline mode! Why not have a try?

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