Do you want to convert Apple Music M4P songs to AIFF format? This article will teach you how to break Apple Music DRM and convert Apple Music to unprotected AIFF format, helping you play Apple Music on any media players and devices with ease.

“How to convert Apple Music tracks to lossless AIFF format? Is there any converter worth for using?”

“How can I convert Apple Music to AIFF format on my laptop. Any suggestion?”

If you encounter the same problem, such as “Can I convert Apple music to AIFF? How to convert iTunes purchased music to AIFF?” Luckily, you are in the right place. In this post, you will learn how to save Apple Music songs in AIFF format and make them playable on iTunes app, QuickTime, VLC Media Player, Windows Media Player, and other multiple media players.


AIFF is short for Audio Interchange File Format ,it is developed by Apple Inc in 1988 for storing sound data for personal computers and other electronic audio devices. Besides, this format can perfectly compatible with both Windows version and Mac version. MP3 format is a lossy compressed format. Compare with MP3, although AIFF occupies more storage space than MP3 format, AIFF is a lossless audio file format with better quality than MP3 and is liked by many music lovers. Therefore, it would be a good choice for Apple music lovers to convert Apple Music to lossless AIFF format to play in different media players.

Why Can Not Convert Apple Music to AIFF Directly?

Apple Music is a popular music streaming service in the world. However, all the Apple Music songs you downloaded are in M4P format with DRM protection, so you are only allowed to play Apple Music songs with Apple Music or iTunes app. In other word, Apple Music M4P songs can’t be taken out from Apple Music or iTunes app or save them on unauthorized devices. Therefore, if you want to play Apple Music on any media players or devices anytime, you need to remove DRM from Apple Music then convert Apple Music tracks to AIFF format. Next, we are going to introduce you the best Apple Music to AIFF Converter – TunesBank Apple Music Converter.

Apple Music to AIFF Converter – Convert Apple Music to AIFF Losslessly

TunesBank Apple Music Converter (Windows) stands out among all the Apple Music converters with its powerful features. TunesBank Apple Music Converter not only supports to break Apple Music DRM, but also convert Apple Music M4P songs to AIFF, MP3, M4A, FLAC, AC3 with lossless quality. Besides, it will retain all ID3 tags of the Apple Music tracks, including title, artist, album, artwork, etc.

TunesBank also supports you convert iTunes M4P songs, Audible AA/AAX audiobooks and iTunes audiobooks to MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, AC3, AU or AIFF format and save them to your PC or device for offline playback. In addition, TunesBank Apple Music Converter is available on both Windows and Mac users. After conversion, you can keep Apple Music forever and enjoy them on any media players and devices.

Key Features of TunesBank Apple Music Converter:

  • Remove the DRM protection from Apple Music tracks, iTunes M4P tracks.
  • Convert Apple Music to DRM-free AIFF, MP3, M4A, FLAC, and other formats.
  • Keep original quality, all ID3 tags and metadata after conversion.
  • Up to 10X conversion speed on Windows and 5X on Mac.
  • Convert Audible AA/AAX audiobooks and iTunes audiobooks to MP3, M4A.
  • Strongly compatible with latest iTunes app, Windows10 & Mac11.
  • Play Apple Music on any media players and devices: QuickTime, VLC Media Player, etc.

Guide:How to Convert Apple Music to AIFF format with TunesBank

Here is the detailed tutorial on how to convert Apple Music songs to AIFF audio format with using TunesBank Apple Music Converter. Before starting your conversion, please ensure the iTunes or Apple Music app has been downloaded and installed in your computer.

Step 1: Launch TunesBank Apple Music Converter
Open the TunesBank Apple Music Converter and iTunes will launch automatically at the same time. Then the converter will load the music, music videos, audiobooks from iTunes library.

launch apple music converter

Step 2: Select Apple Music Tracks to Convert to AIFF
Select “Playlist” or “Artists” on the left side of the main interface, then click at the checkbox to select the songs you want to convert into AIFF format or use the “Search Bar” to search the songs you want.

select apple music songs

Step 3: Choose AIFF as Output Format
Click the button of “Output Format” at the bottom of the main interface to choose “AIFF” as the output format. By the way, you can set the Bitrate, Sample rate and Channels according to your need in this step.

select aiff format

Note: Only TunesBank Apple Music Converter for Windows supports MP3, M4A, FLAC, AAC, AC3, AIFF and AU audio formats. Currently, the Mac version only supports MP3, M4A, FLAC format.

Step 4: Start to Convert Apple Music to AIFF
Finally, simple click on “Convert” to begin converting Apple Music tracks to lossless AIFF format.

convert apple music to aiff

After the conversion is completed, you can get the DRM-free AIFF Apple Music songs by clicking the “View Output File” button.

view output files

Tips: When converting, you can also return to “Library” to continue adding songs for conversion.

Final Words
In a word, to convert Apple Music to AIFF format, TunesBank Apple Music Converter is the best tool for Apple Music users. It can not only help you quickly convert Apple Music, iTunes M4P music and audiobooks to MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, AC3, AU or AIFF format, but also maintain the original audio quality and ID3 tags after the conversion. Only in 4 simple steps, you will get lossless Apple Music AIFF files, then you are able to import them to any media players for enjoying. Why not have a try?

Convert Apple Music to AIFF


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