In this article, we are going to introduce the easiest and best ways to export your music from Spotify and backup Spotify playlist for safekeeping. So that you can keep your favourite Spotify playlists forever and enjoy Spotify music on your computer or even any device anytime!

“Can Spotify playlists be copied? I want to backup Spotify playlists on my hard drive to avoid missing. How do I save/export playlist from Spotify? Thanks.”

Spotify is the world’s largest music streaming platform. offering a large music library of more than 70 million tracks. You can discover, manage and share more than 70 million Spotify tracks, podcast titles for free. What’s more, you could create your own playlist on Spotify to store your favourite tracks. If you upgrade to Premium, you will be able to stream high-quality Spotify music without ads, download Spotify songs and enjoy offline mode, etc. However, even Premium users cannot save Spotify songs as local files, nor can they take them anywhere for backup.

Luckily there are many online service and third-party tools can help you help you export your Spotify playlist and make a backup of your Spotify playlist. Today, we will share some effective ways to export and backup Spotify playlists on your local computer. Let’s explore.

Part 1. Common Ways to Export & Backup Spotify Playlist to Text

On the Spotify app, there is no an official button to export a playlist from Spotify with one click. To export your music from Spotify and backup Spotify playlist on computer, you can ask help from some online service. With its help, you can export to the text file of your Spotify playlists and create backups of your tracklists to share.

1. SpotMyBackup

SpotMyBackup is the easiest way to export your Spotify playlists and tracks by a single click. Just navigate to its website, and log in with your Spotify account and password. It will automatically scan your account and your playlists. After a few minutes, tap “Export” to export all Spotify playlists to SON text files.

2. TunemyMusic

TunemyMusic is another service which enables you to export your Spotify music library to CSV or TEXT file. Better yet, it allows you to transfer Spotify playlists to Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube and any other music platform! To export your Spotify music, first go to TunemyMusic website, click “Let’s Start” and select Spotify music platform. Next, login to your Spotify account and password. Then you can choose to export Spotify music to CSV or TXT format and back up your Spotify music on local drive.

export a Spotify playlist

3. Exportify

If you want to export a Spotify playlist into excel, you can try the Exportify. It lets you export and save your Spotify playlists to CSV files. Just visit Exportify website and login with your Spotify account and password. Then it will read your Spotify account and show you all the playlists. You can export a Spotify playlist separately or export all Spotify playlists at once.

export a Spotify playlist free

With the above tools, you can easily export playlist from Spotify to text files and back up a Spotify playlist on your computer.

Part 2. Best Way to Export Spotify Playlist to MP3 and Backup to Local Computer

Is SpotMyBackup not working for anyone else? Is Tunemymusic trustworthy? Is Exportify safe? Do you have the same worry? After exporting Spotify playlist to excel CSV files or TEXT files, they are not plain audio files. This means you still can’t transfer Spotify music to MP3 player, or burn Spotify music to CD caused all Spotify songs are DRM-protected. So why not use a professional Spotify Ripper?

Best Spotify Music Ripper: TunesBank Spotify Music Converter

TunesBank Spotify Music Converter is the best and reliable Spotify Music Ripper which can help you export Spotify playlists to MP3 320kbps and save your Spotify playlists as local files on your computer. There is no need to worry the output quality and ID3 tags in the output files. Innovative converting technology is encoded in TunesBank Spotify Music Converter, which will preserve original music quality and ID3 tags like Title, Artist, Album, Genre, etc. after conversion.

By using this powerful tool, you can save and backup Spotify songs on your computer forever without Premium, and transfer Spotify music to any device for offline listening, including MP3 Player, Sony Walkman, iPod Nano, PSP, Xbox, USB drive, SD card, iOS, Android devices, etc.

Easy Steps to Export Spotify Playlist to MP3

Step 1. Run TunesBank Spotify Music Converter
Download and install TunesBank Spotify Music Converter on your MacOS or Windows OS according to your system.

launch Spotify Music Converter

Click “Open the Spotify web player” option and click “LOG IN” to login your Spotify account.

log in spotify

Tips: The latest version of TunesBank Spotify Music Converter can work independently without the help of the Spotify application. It can convert and export Spotify music based on the Spotify web player.

Step 2. Add Spotify Playlist to TunesBank
Find the songs you want to backup, then directly drag and drop the songs to the “+” icon in the main interface of TunesBank.

Add Spotify Songs

Or directly drag the playlist/album that you want to download to the “+” icon. Then TunesBank will immediately load all songs under this playlist/album.

Add Spotify playlist

Step 3. Adjust Output Settings
After importing the Spotify songs, you can select MP3 format in the “Convert all files to:” option. Or set different format for each Spotify song in the “Output Format:”.

select mp3 format

You can also change output path, bitrate, sample rate according to your needs. Just go to the menu bar and choose “Preference”.

aujust output settings

Step 4. Start to Export Spotify Playlist to MP3 Files
Click the “Convert All” button to begin to export Spotify playlist to computer as MP3 files with high quality.

export Spotify playlist to computer as MP3

In a few minutes, you can go to “Finished” part to check it.

get output spotify files

Tap “View Output File” to locate the output files. Done.

get output spotify mp3 file


To export Spotify music and backup Spotify playlists, you can use a third-party web app. However, the output files are excel CSV files or text files, instead of plain audio files. In my opinion, to export and backup Spotify playlists, TunesBank Spotify Music Converter is a must-have tool. This smart tool can help you save Spotify playlists as local audio files by converting Spotify playlists to MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV format. In this way, you can keep your favorite Spotify playlist and listen to Spotify music offline on any device!

Export & Backup Spotify Playlists


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