How to Convert Spotify Music to WAV?

If you want to convert Spotify Music to WAV files, this post is for you! Here you will get the way to convert Spotify songs, playlist and albums to WAV without losing quality so that you can enjoy high-quality Spotify Music on HD players, CD player, etc.

If you want to listen to Spotify Music on high-definition players or other devices without Spotify Music apps, you can convert Spotify Music to WAV audio. However, there is a big challenge to achieve it. All OGG format songs downloaded from Spotify are protected by DRM, so you cannot directly convert them to other formats or copy them to your own devices.

To put it straight, removing DRM from Spotify Music is the key to converting Spotify Music to WAV, MP3 and other formats. For most of us, it’s not straightforward though to convert Spotify Music to lossless WAV. Don’t worry. In this article, we will show you a powerful tool and guide you how to use it to convert Spotify Music to WAV files without losing quality. Before we start, let’s learn more about WAV.

Why We Need to Convert Spotify Music to WAV?

WAV is the file extension of the audio file format created by Microsoft, which is uncompressed audio. Compared with the commonly used MP3 format, its size is twice or three times that of MP3, but the file quality is better than MP3. It can be said that WAV is a standard format used by CD audio. For some users who value music quality, converting Spotify Music to WAV files is a good choice.

After converting Spotify Music to WAV audio files, which music players can be used to play? There are some popular media player applications support opening WAV files, such as iTunes, Windows Media Player, VLC media player, QuickTime, Winamp, Microsoft Groove music, Clementine, XMMS, etc.

Best Spotify Music to WAV Converter: TunesBank

When it comes to converting Spotify Music to WAV, TunesBank Spotify Music Converter can do a good job. TunesBank Spotify Music Converter is an excellent utility that can unlock Spotify Music DRM protection and convert Spotify songs/playlist/albums to unprotected WAV, MP3, M4A, FLAC while maintaining 100% original quality. No matter you are Spotify Free or Premium users, you can easily get WAV files from Spotify and play Spotify on any devices you want. After which, you can burn Spotify Music to a CD or upload them to iTunes, Google Drive and One Drive, etc.

Guide: Convert Spotify Music to WAV Losslessly

TunesBank Spotify Music Converter is highly compatible with Windows and MacOS. Currently, only the Windows version of TunesBank Spotify Music Converter supports converting Spotify music to WAV audio files. Don’t worry, TunesBank’s technical team is accelerating the enhancement of the Mac version’s functions. The following is a simple guide to convert Spotify music to WAV on Windows.

Step 1. Launch TunesBank Spotify Music Converter
First of all, launch TunesBank Spotify Music Converter on your computer. At the same time, Spotify app will run with it automatically. As you can see, TunesBank Spotify Music Converter offers a simple interface.

launch tunesbank spotify converter

Step 2. Add Spotify Songs to TunesBank
Copy and paste the link of the song/ playlist/ album from Spotify to the search bar of the program, and tab “Add File”.

copy spotify playlist link

Or you can drag and drop the songs, whole playlist, albums from Spotify to the software.

drag and drop spotify songs

Step 3. Set the Output Format as WAV
Now, you can click “Convert all files to:” in the upper right corner to select WAV format for all Spotify tracks selected.

select output format as wav

Then you can go to “Preferences” in the menu bar, adjust the output settings as needed, such as bit rate (up to 320kbps), sample rate, codec, channel, etc.

adjust output settings

Step 4. Start to Convert Spotify Music to WAV
Once all the setting is done, you can press on the “Convert All” button to let TunesBank software start to convert Spotify Music to WAV losslessly.

start to convert spotify songs to wav

After conversion, you can go to “Finished” section, browse all converted Spotify Music WAV files by clicking “View Output File” button.

view converted spotify wav files

Now you get the converted Spotify Music WAV files, you can move them to your device for offline enjoying, upload them to iTunes, or burn them to a CD!

Convert Spotify Music to WAV