How to play Audible books on an Alexa smart speaker? You can listen to Audible audiobooks using Alexa on the Amazon Echo, or convert Audible books to MP3 and then import them to Amazon music app so as to play them with Alexa or any other devices.

Audiobooks are great, they have changed the way we get news and knowledge! Ready for story time? If you are Audible lovers who have Amazon Echo speakers, why not listen to Audible on Amazon Echo? How to do it? Alexa is Amazon’s voice assistant to read news, music, books, etc., just like Siri to Apple. The good news is that now Alexa can read your audiobooks from Audible and Amazon’s Kindle devices. You can easily play Audible with Alexa on an Amazon Echo speaker. You only need to say “Alexa, read my book”! Alexa makes it so easy to listen to audiobooks at home!

Can’t wait to play Audible books on your Alexa-enabled smart speaker? In this article, you will learn how to listen to Audible audiobooks using Alexa on Amazon Echo and any other devices with ease!

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Lists of Alexa-enabled Smart Speaker:

Alexa has been integrated into many of Amazon smart speakers, including Echo, Echo Dot 1st Gen, Echo Dot Gen 2, Echo Dot 3rd Gen, Echo Dot 4th Gen, Echo Dot Kids Edition, Echo Plus, Echo Show 1st Gen, Echo Show 2nd Gen, Echo Spot and Echo Input, etc. You can easily play and control your Audible audiobooks over these Alexa Echo speakers. Next, we will show your the detailed guide to listen to Audible with Alexa.

Method 1. Listen to Audible using Alexa on Amazon Echo Speakers

To play Audible books on Alexa, you need to connect Amazon Audible account to your Amazon Alexa speaker and use the Alexa app to play music. Once connected, you can play Audible Audiobooks from your Amazon Audible account on your Echo speaker using Alexa. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1. Download and open the Amazon Alexa App on your iOS devices, Android phone or tablets.

Step 2. Next, sign into your Amazon account. Click “Play” button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3. Scroll down to the “AUDIBLE LIBRARY” section, and select the audiobook you want to listen to.

Step 4. Make sure that your Audible and Amazon accounts have been merged, and your Echo and iOS/Android phone are connected to the same WIFI.

Step 5. Finally, it will pop up a menu that shows all your Amazon devices, select the Echo device. Then you can say to your Echo speaker: “Alexa, read XXX” and it will start reading audiobooks for you.

Here are some commonly used voice commands for listening audiobooks on Alexa devices. You can ask Alexa to play, pause, stop, go forward Audible audiobooks.
“Alexa, read [XX title].”
“Alexa, play”
“Alexa, pause”
“Alexa, resume”
“Alexa, stop”
“Alexa, go back [60 seconds]”
“Alexa, next chapter”
“Alexa forward [50 secondes]”
“Alexa, read faster”
“Alexa, set a [8 minute] sleep timer”
“Alexa, what’s in my Audible library?”
“Alexa, stop reading in 30 minutes”, etc.

Note: Alexa can read most audiobooks on your Echo device, except for the comics and graphic novels.

Method 2. Listen to Audible on Alexa-enabled devices and Any Devices (Best)

You can use Alexa to play Audible books on Amazon Echo devices. Also, there is another easy way to play Audible books on Alexa-enabled devices and any other devices. All you need to do is to upload the Audible audiobooks to your Amazon Music account, and then you can play Audible audiobooks on any Alexa devices, as well as other devices and smart speakers.

As you know, all audiobooks downloaded from Audible are stored in .aa or .aax format and are protected by DRM. This restricts you from directly uploading audiobooks to Amazon music account, cloud services or transferring to other unauthorized devices. Luckily, you can use a professional Audible Audiobook Converter to break these limits. TunesBank Audible Converter is highly recommend.

TunesBank Audible Converter is a two-in-one Audible Cracker and Audible Audiobook Converter for Mac and Windows. With it, users can easily bypass Audible DRM lock and convert Audible AA/AAX to MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC with 100% original quality at 100X quicker speed. This sofware is very easy to use, no iTunes or Audible authentication are required. After converting Audible books to MP3 files, you will be able to upload the MP3 audiobooks to Amazon Music account for listening on Alexa-enabled devices, or transfer the Audiobooks to MP3 players, iPods, PSP, Kindle, smartphone, USB drive, SD card, etc.

Great Features of TunesBank Audible Converter:

  • No need to use iTunes or authorize Audible account.
  • Remove DRM from Audible AAX and AA Audiobooks.
  • Convert AAX, AA to MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV losslessly.
  • 100% original output quality, keep and edit ID3 tags.
  • 100X faster speed and supports batch conversion.
  • Split audiobooks to multiple parts by chapters/time.
  • Easy to use, offers a simple and clean user interface.

Guide: Convert Audible to MP3 and Play on Audible on Alexa

Step 1. Add Audible Books to TunesBank
Launch TunesBank Audible Converter, drag and drop the Audible AA or AAX files into the program directly.

drag and drop audible files to program

Step 2. Set MP3 as Output Format
You can set different output format for each Audible audiobook in the “Output Format:”.

select m4a, wav or flac format

Or choose “Output Setting” from the menu bar, to customize the output settings. To upload Audible books to Amazon music account and play them on any devices, MP3 format is perfect.

select mp3 format

Step 3. Begin to Convert Audible Books to MP3
Now, click the “Convert All” button and the program will begin to convert all selected Audible audiobooks to MP3 formats with original chapters and audio quality preserved.

convert from audible to mp3

To get the converted audiobooks, you can go to “Completed” tab, click “Open File”.

play audiobooks in windows media player

Step 4. Upload Converted Audible Books to Amazon Music App
Install and launch the Amazon Music app on your Mac or Windows PC, and login to your Amazon account. Then import the converted Audible MP3 files to the Amazon Music app. After that, you can play the audiobooks on your Echo device using Alexa.

Benefits: Listen to Audible Audiobooks on Any Smart Speakers

In addition to playing Audible on Amazon Echo speaker via Alexa, you could also play Audible audiobooks on any smart speakers. Once you get the converted Audible MP3 audiobooks, you can transfer the audiobooks to USB drive, then insert the USB drive to the USB port of the smart speaker!

Final Words

In short, to listen to Audible Audiobooks on Amazon Echo, you can directly connect Audible to Alexa. If you want to play Audible books on any smart speakers and devices, then you can use 3rd-party tool like TunesBank Audible Converter. It can help you crack Audible DRM and convert all your DRM-ed Audible AA, AAX files to MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC formats supported by any devices. With its help, you will be able to use, enjoy and share Audible books freely.

Listen to Audible on Amazon Echo


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