Do you want to watch your favorite Netflix movies offline without the Internet connection? This post will show you how to download Netflix movies to watch offline on any device, including mobile devices, Mac, Windows, smart TVs, game consoles, etc.

Netflix gives you access to a large number of original movies, TV shows and documents in HD quality. Can you download Netflix movies to watch offline? Of course! If you want to enjoy Netflix videos offline when you have a poor Wi-Fi network or while bad signal during flight trip, the easiest way is to join the Netflix ad-free plans. Currently, Netflix allows Netflix Basic, Netflix Standard, and Netflix Premium subscribers to download Netflix movies, TV shows from its mobile app or Windows and watch Netflix downloads offline without an Internet connection.

However, the Netflix downloads can only be viewable within the official app. And the downloaded Netflix videos have expiration date. Don’t worry, this article is written to help you get around all Netflix restrictions. This guide explores two simple methods to download Netflix movies for offline watching on any device!

1. How to Download Netflix Movies on Mobiles Devices Officially

As we mentioned above, Netflix ad-free subscribers are able to download Netflix movies for offline viewing through the Netflix app. Currently, the Netflix app is available on iOS, Android, Fire tablet and Windows 10/11. You to check the below steps to download Netflix movies to watch offline on your devices.

Step 1. Open the Netflix app on your mobile device or Windows, and log in to your ad-free account.

Step 2. Browse or search for a movie you want to download.

Step 3. Open any movie, find the “Download” icon and click on it.

download netflix movie on phone

Note: Not all content is available for download. You can go to the Menu and select the ‘Available for Download’ option, from where you can find downloadable movies and TV shows.

download netflix movie on window

Tips: When you get the offline Netflix movies on your Android or Fire tablet, will take up a lot of storage space. To free up storage space on your device, you can save Netflix movies to SD card.

You have 7/30 days to watch downloaded Netflix movies offline. Once you start watching, the movie will be deleted from your device after 48 hours. So, how to keep the downloaded Netflix movies forever? How to watch Netflix offline on other devices like Mac, smart TV, or game console? Keep reading. Next, we will guide you how to download Netflix movies for offline viewing on any device!

2. How to Download Netflix Movies on Mac & PC As Plain MP4 Files

Luckily, there are some third-party Netflix downloaders can help you download Netflix movies to watch offline elsewhere. Among them, we highly recommend the 4kFinder Netflix Video Downloader. It gives you option to download Netflix video content on Mac and Windows computers without the Netflix app. It works independently. This handy tool enables you to search and download any Netflix video title with the integrated Netflix web player. Another attractive feature is that it will retain Full HD quality, video metadata, and original audio tracks and subtitles.

With 4kFinder program, you can download unlimited Netflix movies and TV shows to local computer as MP4 or MKV files. In other words, your Netflix movies will be permanently saved in a local folder, giving you the flexibility to play them offline using any media player such as iTunes, VLC, Windows Media Player, etc. What’s more, you can also move these Netflix movies to your USB disk, smartphone, tablet, MP4 player, car player, Xbox, PSP and any other device.

Main Features of 4kFinder Netflix Video Downloader:

  • Download Netflix movies, TV shows, documents, anime to Mac, PC.
  • Download any Netflix video titles to MP4/MKV with HD 1080p.
  • Download Netflix movies and shows at 50X faster speed.
  • Save Netflix movies with multi-lingual audio tracks and subtitles.
  • Built-in Netflix web browser for smart searching and downloading.
  • Keep downloaded Netflix videos forever and enjoy them everywhere.
  • Watch Netflix movies offline on computer without Netflix app.

How to Download Netflix Movies on PC/Mac to Watch Offline?

Step 1: Install and Run 4kFinder Netflix Video Downloader
First, visit the official 4kFinder website to download the 4kFinder Netflix Video Downloader on your PC or Mac. Then start the program and log into your Netflix account.

run netflix video downloader

Step 2: Add Your Desired Netflix Movie
You can search for any movie on the search bar by entering the keyword or name. Or copy & paste the movie URL from Netflix website to 4kFinder program.

search netflix movie

Step 3: Customize Output Settings
Before downloading, 4kFinder software allows you to customize the download settings. Simply click the “Gear” icon to select the video format, video quality, subtitle language and more as you like.

customize output settings for netflix movie

Step 4: Start to Download Netflix Movies on PC/Mac
Once you have configured your settings, hit on the “Download” icon to let the tool begin downloading movie from Netflix to your local folder.

start downloading netflix movie to pc

Step 5: Watch Downloaded Netflix Movies Offline on PC/Mac
After the download is complete, you can go to “History” to check the downloaded Netflix movies. Click the “Blue Folder” icon to watch the Netflix movie offline using local player.

watch netflix movie offline on pc

3. How to Watch Netflix Movies Offline on Any Device?

Once you get MP4 Netflix movies with 4kFinder program, you can them transfer these Netflix movies to any device for offline watching.

#3.1 Watch Netflix Movies Offline on iPhone, iPad
– First, import the downloaded MP4 Netflix movies to iTunes.
– Then connect your iOS device with iTunes using Apple USB cable.
– Finally, sync the Netflix movies to your iOS device and enjoy them offline.

sync netflix movies from itunes to iphone

#3.2 Watch Netflix Movies Offline on Android, Fire tablet, MP4 Player
– Use a USB cable to connect your device with computer.
– Next, find the output folder where the downloaded Netflix movies are stored.
– Drag and drop the Netflix movies to the “Video” folder of your device.
– When finished, you can disconnect and enjoy your movies offline on your device.

transfer netflix movies to android

#3.3 Watch Netflix Movies Offline on Game Consoles, Smart TVs, Car
– First of all, insert a USB disk to the USB port of your computer.
– Then copy and paste the Netflix MP4 movie files to USB disk.
– Once done, eject your USB disk from computer.
– Plug the USB disk into any PSP, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox, smart TV or car with a USB port.
– Then you can start play Netflix movies offline from the media type (video).

play netflix movie on tv


Above, we have introduced how to download Netflix movies to watch offline on any device. While using the official Netflix app enables you to download Netflix movies offline on mobile devices and Windows computer. The 4kFinder Netflix Video Downloader helps you batch download Netflix movies and shows to local computer in MP4 or MKV format. Thus, you can watch Netflix offline on your computer, or move them to all devices for offline playback, no expiration. You can download this tool to have a try, and you will get a perfect Netflix offline viewing experience!

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