Can you watch Apple TV offline on Mac? Here we will show you more details about Apple TV+, and two ways to download TV shows and movies from Apple TV+ to Mac to watch offline.

Apple launched Apple TV Plus on November 1, 2019. Apple TV+ (Apple TV Plus) is a great streaming home for Apple users. It offers ad-free, exclusive content and high-quality viewing experience. You can access many original original movies and shows across multiple devices through the Apple TV app, such as The Afterparty, Amazing Stories, Black Bird, Dickinson, Foundation, For All Mankind, etc. To download Apple TV+ shows on Mac to watch offline, you can use the official Apple TV app for Mac or a professional third-party Apple TV Plus downloader.

These two methods are suitable for different situations: The official app helps you download Apple TV+ videos to Mac with simple clicks, but the downloaded video files have viewing duration and playback limits. While a professional Apple TV+ video downloader can download any Apple TV+ content to MP4 on MacBook/iMac. Keep reading and choose your perfect solution.

Way 1. Download Apple TV+ Shows on Mac via Apple TV App

The Apple TV app features Apple TV+, available on macOS Catalina 10.15, macOS Big Sur 11.0, macOS Monterey 12.0, or later. With an Apple TV Plus subscription, you can directly movies, shows on Apple TV app on your Mac. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1. Open the Apple TV app on your Mac, log into your subscription account.

Stepp 2. Find the TV show you want to download.

Step 3. Go to the TV show page and click the “Cloud Download” icon.

download movie on Apple TV Mac

Step 4. Click “Download” button to start the downloading process.

download Apple TV movie on Mac

Step 5. After which, tap “Library” and click “Downloaded” to watch Apple TV offline on your Mac!

find downloaded apple tv on mac

Points to Note: There are some limits on Apple TV downloads:

  • You can download Apple TV+ shows on Mac to offline viewing only during your subscription. Once you cancel or stop your subscription, you won’t enjoy the download function.
  • Moreover, you only have 30 days to watch the downloaded videos. Some Apple TV downloads might expire earlier.
  • More importantly, you can’t play any downloaded video outside the Apple TV app. This means you are unable to copy your Apple TV+ downloads to a USB disk, PSP, Xbox, and other unsupported devices.

Do you want to watch Apple TV+ offline on other devices? How to download Apple TV+ shows on Mac to watch offline, even in the absence of the Apple TV+ app?

Fortunately, there is a professional Apple TV Plus video downloader which allows you to download Apple TV Plus videos on Mac and Windows without the Apple TV app.

Way 2. Download Apple TV+ Shows to MP4 on Mac via Downloader (Best)

TunesBank Apple TV+ Downloader is a useful and easy-to-use app to download Apple TV+ videos on Mac and Windows in 720P for offline viewing. It can download and save Apple TV+ movies, TV shows as MP4/MKV video files. The most convenient feature is that it allows you search for video content by entering name or URL. Batch download lets you add multiple movies and an entire episode of Apple TV. It will keep multilingual audio tracks and subtitles as you want. Thus, you can watch Apple TV+ offline on Mac anywhere you want without Apple TV app or website. What’s more, you are able to move them to any portable device or player without restrictions.

Great Features:

  • Download Apple TV+ shows and movies on Mac, MacBook, iMac, PC, or laptop.
  • Download Apple TV+ movies and TV show to MP4/MKV format.
  • Save Apple TV+ movies and TV show with HD 720p resolution.
  • Download Apple TV+ videos with multilingual audio and subtitles kept.
  • Batch download, fast speed and smart search function.
  • Preserve Dolby Digital 5.1 surround and 2.0 stereo sound.
  • Save Apple TV origianl movies and shows permanently, no expiration date.

Step-By-Step Guide: Download Apple TV+ Shows on Mac as MP4 Files

Step 1. Sign in to Your Apple TV+ Account
After installation, launch TunesBank Apple TV+ Downloader on Mac. You will be prompt to log in to your Apple ID to access its video content.

sign in apple tv+ account

Step 2. Search Apple TV+ TV Shows
You can search for any TV show by entering its name in the search field.

search apple tv+ video

In addition, you can copy the video URL from Apple TV app or website, and paste the URL into the search bar, and click the “Search” button.

Step 3. Customize the Output Settings
Click on the “Setting” button on the upper right corner to open the settings window. You can modify the video format, video codec, video quality, output folder, audio and subtitle language as you like.

Video format: MP4 or MKV
Video codec: H264 or H265
Audio language: English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese
Subtitle language: English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese

customize output settings

Step 4. Start Downloading Apple TV+ Shows
After the above settings, click on the “Download” icon next the the TV series. You will see all episodes and “Advanced Settings” buttons in a pop-up window. Select the episodes you need to download, and choose the audios and subtitles languages you want. Then click on the “Download” button.

start downloading Apple TV+ shows

Step 5. Find Downloaded Apple TV+ Shows
After downloading, you can go to the “History” section and find the downloaded TV shows saved on your Mac.

find output Apple TV videos

Click the blue folder icon next to the show, and you can watch it offline on your Mac using iTunes, QuickTime, VLC, or other players!

Everything You Need to Know About Downloading Apple TV+ Content

How much does Apple TV+ cost?
Compared to other competitors like Netflix, Disney+, the Apple TV+ is still a competitive price. Apple TV Plus is ad-free and

○ Apple TV Plus – $9.99/month
○ Apple TV Plus MLS: $14.99/month
○ Apple One bundle – Bundles other Apple streaming services:
$16.95/month for individual; $22.95/month for Family (6 members); $32.95/month for Premier

Beside that, you can get 3 months of Apple TV Plus free with the purchase of any new iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV or Mac.

Is there an Apple TV Plus free trial?
Yes. New users can get a 7-day Apple TV Plus free trial.

Is there a Apple TV Plus app for Mac?
Yes. You can stream shows and movies on Apple TV Plus app on your Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, some smart TVs or game consoles.

If your devices don’t have an Apple TV app, you can visit in a Safari, Firefox or Chrome web browser.

Can you watch Apple TV offline on Mac?
The answer is positive! One of the benefits of the subscription is the ability to download Apple TV Plus content for offline viewing. The download feature is available on Apple TV app for iOS and Mac.

Final Words

There is a varied content library on Apple TV+, including original films, TV series, sports, events, dramas, documents, etc. Now, you have learned the 2 methods to download Apple TV+ shows to MacBook/iMac. TunesBank Apple TV+ Downloader must be the best choice since it can download any Apple TV+ show and movies as plain MP4 or MKV files that can be saved on your Mac drive forever. You can click the Download button to get this powerful downloader and say Good Bye to the expiration of Apple TV downloads!

Download Apple TV+ Shows on Mac

Apple TV+ Downloader

TunesBank is a fast, full-featured, safely, professional Apple TV Plus video downloading tool for you to download Apple TV+ shows, movies, originals, documentaries to MP4/MKV in high quality with AAC 2.0 audio tracks. Let’s you watching them anywhere you want offline without Apple TV+ app or browser.

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