Want to download Amazon Prime movies to your MacBook? In this article, we’ll share two easy ways to download Prime videos to your MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or iMac. This means you can enjoy them offline, whether you’re on the move with your MacBook Air or relaxing at home with your iMac.

Now, Prime Video has an official app on the Mac App Store. This lets you stream your favorite Amazon Prime shows and movies. But what if you’re traveling or have a weak internet connection? Can you download Amazon Prime movies on your Mac to watch offline? Yes! It’s easy to do. This article will guide you on how to download Amazon Prime videos to your Mac and remove download limits with a third-party downloader, so you can watch offline as much as you want. Keep reading to learn how!

Part 1. How to Download Amazon Prime Movies via Amazon App

Once you’ve got Prime Video membership, you can download and watch Amazon Prime videos offline on your MacBook or iMac. If you’re not subscribed yet, you can buy or rent movies you like and download them directly to your MacBook or iMac. Now, let’s see how to download Amazon Prime movies using the Mac app:

1. Get the Prime Video app from the App Store and log in.
2. Search for a movie or series, then click to see details.
3. Click the “Download” icon under the video.
4. To watch your downloads offline, click “Downloads” on the left side.

download amazon prime video mac

But if you’ve tried downloading movies with the official app, you might’ve noticed you can’t play them on other players. Also, downloads from the Prime Video app are only kept on your device for 30 days.

After downloading, here’s how to find your Amazon Prime videos on your Mac:

  • Purchased Prime movies are usually under “Music > Amazon Music” by default.
  • For streamed Amazon Prime videos, they’re stored as cache files and can’t be opened by other players. You might find them in “UserName/Library/Application Support/Amazon Music/Data”.

Part 2. Download Amazon Prime Videos to MacBook using a Downloader

As we know, official Prime Video downloads expire after a while. But to keep your Amazon Prime downloads forever, you’ll need a dependable downloader. That’s where TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader comes in. This handy tool works on Mac computers with macOS 10.11 and above, whether they have Intel chips or Apple Silicon chips. With this downloader, you can effortlessly download Amazon Prime videos to MP4 or MKV. Plus, your downloads stay permanently stored on your Mac drive, so you can watch them with QuickTime Player or other media player offline without any hassles.

Amazing Features of TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader

  • Download Amazon Prime Video to MP4/MKV.
  • Retain HD quality and Dolby Surround Audio.
  • Batch download to save multiple Prime episodes together.
  • Remove encryption in Amazon Prime videos for flexible playback.
  • 50x faster speed to download Amazon Prime content.
  • Equipped with built-in Amazon web player, no need to install the official app.
  • Compatible with Windows & Mac.

Guide: How to Download Amazon Prime videos to Mac

Step 1. Run TunesBank and Log into Prime Video Account
Download, install and open the program on your computer, the log in to your Amazon account to start.

login amazon account

Step 2. Add Amazon Prime Video
TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader lets you add videos for downloading in two ways. You can either copy and paste the video link from Amazon Prime into the search bar and click “Search,” or you can directly enter the title of the movie or show.

add amazon video

Step 3. Choose MP4 or MKV as Output Format
Click the “Gear” icon in the upper right corner to open the settings window. Here, you can customize video formats (MP4 or MKV), video codec, audio language, subtitle language, output folder, and more.

select output format

Step 4. Start Downloading Amazon Video Video to MP4/MKV
Click the “Download” icon to begin downloading your chosen videos. The program will download Prime Video to your computer and save them in MP4 or MKV format.

start downloading prime video

Step 5. View the Downloaded Video
Once the download is complete, you can click the “History” tab to view your downloaded Amazon videos.

download history

Step 6. Watch Downloaded Prime Videos Offline
You can watch these downloaded Prime videos with other media players, like Windows Media Player, VLC, iTunes, QuickTime, and more.

FAQs on Downloading Amazon Prime Videos to Mac

Q1. Can I download Amazon Prime videos to a Mac using online tools?
Yes, online converters like SafeConverter can convert Amazon Prime videos to MP4 files, which you can then download to your MacBook or iMac.

download amazon prime video mac

Q2. Can I record Prime movies on a MacBook?
Yes, you can use screen recording software like QuickTime, OBS Studio, or FonePaw Screen Recorder to capture Amazon Prime movies on a MacBook.

Final Words

Now you know how to download Amazon Prime videos to your MacBook or iMac. When you face the limitations of official Amazon Prime downloads, TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader is here to help. It allows you to download Prime movies as MP4 files that you can keep on your Mac permanently. Click the download button to get TunesBank and say goodbye to expiring downloads!

Download Amazon Prime Movies to MacBook

Amazon Video Downloader

Download movies and TV shows from Amazon Prime Video in MP4 or MKV format with audio track and subtitles kept. Up to 50X downloading speed. Save your favorite Amazon Prime videos to your computer for viewing offline.

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